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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At Paley Library

So Olivia is at Temple University. What a wonderful place to be. So far I enjoy it here. I've been to two parties and a concert already (Keri Hilson and The Dream performed). I've been to all my classes, met all my teachers and finally got a roommate. My eyes are grey again for the time being, my suite mates are hella coolio and my laptop still isn't ready yet. I am wearing my blue dinosaur tee shirt from Charlotte Russe and my plaid Converses from Foot Locker. I went to go look for a job todaythen my mother said that I didn't need to because she was working some things out for me. Yesterday I spent almost $300 on books, and I still need two more. From now on, I will be getting my books off of because even new, unsued books are cheaper there.

Temple is coolio nontheless. The campus is beautiful and diverse and they offer so much: 130 majors to choose from plus concentrations and such, over 200 clubs and organizations, great teachers and the fast pacedness of city life. I like my teachers so far. My Anthropology teacher is hilarious. She's a sweet lady named Anastassia (Khloe, Russia!) who is very lively and vibrant. My English teacher is Mr. Williams and he's this shortish Black guy who is also hilarious. The class is called Representing Race. My Theatre teacher is Ms. Debra Block a.k.a. D-Block. She's coolio I guess and it just bothers me that we are going to see so many plays. I'm actually kinda worried about it. My Psych teacher seems normal. He got upset yesterday after some students laughed when he said this about texting and driving: "People die!" I looked through the textbook last night and realised that I did all of this stuff last year. Thank you Mrs. Church! So psych will just be a review. As will Physics. My Physucs teacher and class is Mr. Hickey Sr. all over again minus the fact that my current Physics teacher seems slightly messed up in the head, but only in the was that a person who has spend the bulk part of their life teaching Physics would be. He's an Indian man named Zameer who strongly dislikes being called 'sir' because to him it is usually followed by a '$130 traffic violation ticket.' What joy. But he seems to be a good teacher. He didn't give us the syllabus ahead of time becaue he wanted us to discuss the syllabus first. Basiclly, we made up what type of tests we will have (non-cumulative multiple choice) and how many we will have in the semester (4). Fun stuff. Plus his teaching is kinda like Hickey (like the fact that we need not memorise formulas as they will be written down for us during tests) except that he really doesn't use the textbook.

In other news, there is a football game tomorrow: Temple vs. Villanova. Oh yes. My first college football game. I can't wait for the one against Penn State because then I get to see Matt from Schuyler. Then George, who goes to Arcadi, is coming to stay with me on Friday. This should be fun as George is a hilarious person. Carolyn and Judith would love her.

I am hungry. But I will wait until after my class to get lunch. At 2 I have Dramatic Imagination which is my theatre class. I just realised that i failed to bring the text with my but alas, I am too lazy to go back for it even though I have enough time. I think I'll just continue reading this book (Pride and Prejudive and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith) as I sit outside of my class waiting eagerly for the doors to open. <-- Nevermind the words after waiting.

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~

Monday, August 24, 2009


These are all video's that I recorded during my orientation week at Temple.... Enjoy!




Monday, August 17, 2009

Fwd: The Goddess Is Stuck [Pt. 2]

****This is late due to email problems....smh****

So I've decide to stop the flattery once and for all. Look mister. No longer will you tell me all these sweet nothings. No longer will you say things that make my stomach flutter. I am putting an end to it. What freedom. LMAO.

Yea, this is gonna be a short post because I have no drive to write anymore. I'm gonna do some reading and then i'll leave in a bit since my boss left already.

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Lyrical Genious

OK. So I have no idea how I came to know about this artist. Maybe it was after
Woody blogged about his Michael Jackson commemorative album. Or maybe it was when I was watching the teaser for some Demevolist/M.G.M. related mixtape. How I came across this lyrical wonder doesn't really matter when you hear his music. Esso a.k.a Esso McFly is one of the hottest new upcoming artists popping. His style is quite dope and his music is doper. Esso is featured in the September issue of XXL's Show and Prove section. Whoever you are, you need to listen to Esso's music.

Here's the latest free mixtape he's put out, a tribute to MJ's Off The Wall. Click the album cover to download.

OTW Front Final
OTW Back Final

Esso has also filmed a video for 'Don't Stop'.

Esso Is a hot artist that anyone with proper lyrical hip hop appreciation will love and appreciate. Check out his music, his blog and him. You will not be let down.

Some Esso videos
The Anti Backpack
Freestyle on POW! Radio
Flight School

^^^His blog. Check it out!

Until Next time,
One, dueces, TR3YS!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Goddess Is Stuck [Pt. 1]

Ok. So he says the sweetest things you've ever heard in your life to you. "What a privilege it is to behold your amazing, un-Earthly beauty." "Oh, what a goddess you are." I've always felt that these are lines that come from people that you should stay away from because they turn into creeper/stalker exes or rejects. Now, it is very easy to be drawn in by the words of such people- sweet talkers, we call them- because they make you feel extremely good about yourself. They might even have you saying and doing things that you might not normally do with any other person. THIS IS BAD. No person should have you head over heels like that. As a matter of fact, you should not allow anyone to say such things to you because they will leave you with a false sense of self. If you are 27 years old and have never had a boyfriend because nobody wanted to date you and no one thought that you were worth looking at, then some man pops out of the deep blue ocean and tells you that you are the most beautiful creature on the face of the Earth and that you should be worshiped, THERE'S A PROBLEM. Either he is lying to you as a way of coaxing you to get with him, or you were wearing some type of facial cloaking device for 27 years. But then again, even if you look like Angelina or some other such celebrity beauty, you should be wary of guys saying such insanely flattering things to you, especially if they don't know you that well personally.

Such is my plight. Because I have let this flattery go on for so long, I am afraid to let him know that i am not interested in him. Mainly because he might end up being one of those crazy creeper/stalker people I mentioned earlier. What makes it even worse is that its my neighbor. Now I am partially at fault for this because I allowed it to happen. But this goes to show you why  you shouldn't engage such behavior. It is addicting to have someone say things like this to you so its best not to follow my previous footsteps and stay away from such men.

I am at work now so I will have the second installment of this topic up tomorrow.

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

This Is Why You Should Not Do Drugs

Or at least some people shouldn't. My ride home on the A train.

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a While

I have really neglected this blog. Not that many people follow it but some people have asked. I wrote a poem tonight/ this morning. Its the first poem I've written in about four or five months. It was about a thunder storm. I only wrote it because a friend asked me to. Here it is.
The Midnight Storm

Matchless infinite splendor
Fill my eyes as I look up
Into the dark sea that is the night sky
I wonder about the many entities
That this beautiful sea holds
In it's mysterious waves
A cloud rolls in
Then another
Soon this sea is filled
With dark, mysterious clouds
I hear a loud noise in the distance
A storm
I lay and wait,
Looking up at the sea
Then a drop falls upon my forehead
Then another and another
A light flashes, the booming sound is closer now
I get excited
A storm
As the wind picks up
And the rain falls in torrents
I lay on the wet grass and smile
Lightening flashes, illuminating the area around me
Thunder, lightening, rain and wind
Heavy, pregnant clouds producing
The most beautiful midnight storm

I enjoyed writing it... And it only took me all of about 5 minutes. Freestyle poetry. I don't even know how I got it done because I usually don't write very well when asked to write. I usually have to be in the mood. I guess my brain decided that I needed to write something.

In other news, I love music. Not that you don't already know that. But I have been falling in love for the first time and again with these old school (and pre-2005) rappers and some new upcoming, unsigned, unknown hypes. A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Talib Kweli, Proven, B-Shaa Akori and Meth and Red just to name a few. I sat at home for most of the day yesterday and just listened to music. I completed my Common discography and discovered that one of my classmates from jr. high has a great old school, 90's, almost Kid' n' Play flow (B-Shaa).
Now I have just come to realize that I have about four junior high school classmates/ friends who are aspiring artists: Sahir, Branden, Elwin and Dudley. These guys have potential to go far in the music world. I'm actually really hype about B-shaa (Branden). Even though I've only heard one song and a few beats from him, I see potential. I think that the people like me who value old school, 90's rap will embrace him. Even though throwback flows aren't the mainstream, you have to realize that artists make music for a certain audience: the audience that appreciates their style of music. His music may not appeal to the "Stanky Leg, Booty Dew, Soulja Boy" appreciators audience but it will reach the fundamental, old school lovers.
Dudley, I have spoken about. D.Julien. His music is real. Dope. Coolio. He doesn't profess to be a gangster. He doesn't rap about crimes, money, cars or hoes. Just about real things that go on in life. THIS is what real rap is supposed to be. He has a modern flow that is nice and his lyrics are on point. He doesn't pull a Weezy and add in random BS to fill up bar space. Every bar has a meaning. He can make it in the music world.
Sahir (City) and Elwin (Don Jay) have a little more ways to go but I see great potential in these two. City's flow has gotten better since two years ago and his beats are on point. Don Jay has a great delivery and smooth lyrics. I really look forward to seeing these two progress and develop into great artists.
On to my N.I. Proven. I've liked him ever since I heard him on the Demev tape First Order of Business on the song 'Talk About Me'. He's an amazing artist with a great flow, dope lyrics and a smooth delivery. He just put out a solo mixtape called Napoleon's Complex. It is honestly one of the best solo mixtapes that I've heard in a while. I bump that shxt on a daily basis. All the songs are good but my favourite ones are Prove Love, Enjoy The Moment ft B/A, One Night, Murdered and So High. Even though these are my favourite, all the songs are worth listening to. He has a new tape coming out soon called Aviator. I got a little sneak preview of a few songs that are gonna be on it on Saturday. Me and my P.I.C. (partner in crime), Green, went to see him up in Harlem on Saturday. It was a very short visit as it was very late and trains had to be caught but it was coolio. He's hella coolio. Just a normal guy and such. Green is in love with him now..... And she is catching on the the likes of my musical taste. I'm glad I can share it with someone. Well, I've asked Prove to let me sing on a tack one day. Hopefully that day comes soon. I've been frikking dying to record a track and even if its not my own , I'd be happy.



Everyone over the age of 17 with a valid ID must see The Hangover. You know those comedies that have you laughing at certain parts every now and again? We Hangover isn't that. Hangover will have you laughing like a fool in the movie theatre ever minute of the movie. Some people say that its overrated. It is not. It is absolutely amazing. A must see, along with Year One, or so I hear.

Well, the sun is rising and the children wake up in like a half hour or so to get ready for school so I best be heading off to sleepy world. I'll post properly this summer.

Until next time,
One, Deuces, TR3YS!!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Poetry Is....

I haven't updated in a while so I have an essay for you. Its nice. Got me a B+.

I believe that poetry is everything and anything. Some people say that poetry is art. Some say that poetry is an escape or a mouthpiece for emotions. Poetry is all that and so much more. Poetry is speech to the dumb, eyes to the emotionally blind and nerves for the paralytic. Poetry allows people to live and give life to abstract things.
In “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton, the speaker aggrandizes her hips. She tells us that her hips are big and free. “they don’t fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they don’t like to be held back. This is what poetry is. Poetry is unrestricted. It is made big by the amount of feeling, emotion and meaning that it should contain. Poetry is not planned and cannot thrive when it is restricted. “they do what they want to do.” As a reader, you cannot tell poetry what to do and what feelings to beckon. After the pen leaves the paper the poem can do whatever it wishes like a person who is not enslaved. “these hips are magic hips. i have known them to put a spell on a man…” Poetry is magic. It can put a spell on you that will allow you to feel the emotions of the poet, bring back memories or understand the poet and even yourself a little more.
Archibald Macleish said that “Poetry should be equal to: not true.” At first glance, you would think that equal and true mean the same thing. But, alas, they have different meanings. One USD is equal to, but not the same as, around 70 Jamaican dollars. This is poetry. The poet doesn’t say ‘the flower is red’. Instead the poet says ‘The beautiful crimson coloured bloom.’ They mean the same thing but are not the same thing. “A poem should be motionless in time as the moon climbs.” This is one of my favourite lines in this poem. When you look at a full moon an any given night it seems so stationary but if you walk outside a half an hour later it is in a different spot. Poetry is like this. You might think that the poem isn’t going anywhere but when you look back, you realize how much it moved you and how many feelings it evoked from you. It’s also beautiful and alluring like the moon.
Lastly, “A poem should not mean but be.” This is a valid and profound statement, poetic in itself. Since poetry is the reflection of another human being, it makes sense for it to be. You would walk up to a person and say that they mean. “You mean beautiful” does not make sense. Poetry is like a human in its state of being. “You are beautiful.” Meaning is relative while existing is absolute. Robert Frost will always be Robert Frost (dead or alive). However what he means to every individual is totally different. Poets should focus on the state of the poetry’s being because poetry is so free that they cannot control what it means to each person. Its understanding is to be understood by the reader.
“For Once Then Something by Robert Frost portrays a wonderful meaning and way for a poem to be understood: through humility. You can research and dig and ask as many questions as you would like but if you have a haughty mind state you will not be able to fully understand a poem. According to Frost, only humility will allow you to understand. Humility will reveal the poems meaning and significance.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rantings, Ravings and Stupid Weather

How horrible and stupid and horrible. I feel that the weather hates me. What other explanation could there be for rain on the only day that I have time to hang out? I wanted to chill with Elz and maybe that girl down the block to whom I speak only when I feel like it (Does that make me a bad friend? Too bad. I know i have issues. Blow mine). Nah but she's coolio. Back on topic. I wanted to hang out with Elz mostly so I can find out why his ass in in trouble and because I kinda have a little crush on him. Oh how sweet.*Shorty's Gonna Be A Thug by 2Pac* I don't even remember how long I've liked him like that but its cool. He's a coolio type of person.. Wavy in his words. He's special.....Anyways, I wanted to chill with him because we haven't chilled since January and that wasn't the most pleasant experience (thanks to an ASC-inducing liquid). Anyways, I'm sad that its raining.
Now I was on FB this morning and I watched a video by one of my friends that I went to jr high with. It kinda pissed me off. Not the content but just the fact that she made a video. Now there's nothing wrong with her making a video. I'm just having some internal issues.(*Why am I having a FB chat with a girl who I don't even like?*) I think I'm only upset at the fact that my camera broke and I cannot make videos on whims like I would like to. *I Love College by Asher Roth (Asleep In The Bread Aisle drops 4/20)* But alas, life goes on.

Hella hours latter...
Back again. Still pretty tight that I couldn't do what I wanted to do today, besides my hair. W/e.

So I've come in contact with many budding people these past few weeks. Proven, Woody, Sha-leik and such. (Demev related obviously) IDK what I'm tryna do. Maybe I'm tryna develop some type of connection to them or something. All I know is that its not on some creeper-groupie-like status. According to Proven, I could be a frikking promotion manager which is not a far stretch from what I do on a day to day basis. I'm always sharing Demev music with whoever will hear it. Only thing is, I'm not getting paid to do it. I will soon though. I'll be minoring in marketing in Temple University. Speaking on college. Temple gave me a gorgeous financial aid package so I will be headed over to Philly in august. YAY!!! Back to Demev. Maybe I can land some type of job type thing with them in the near future. that would be pretty dope. if I was offered a job by one of them, I'd prolly say yes right on the spot. *I'm quite bothered that I am not typing this in full, proper English, but alas.*

Also, I was talking to my buddy Chris earlier and he said that he'd buy a thousand of Charles Hamilton's albums so that he can hand it out to homeless people because everyone deserves to hear Charles. That is how I feel about my general taste in music. Everyone should have the chance to hear, listen to and love the music I love, Demev and Charles included. This is the reason why I share new Demev and Charlie music with all the people I know. I mean, rap music isn't getting any better and these few dudes are our last hope. (Cudi and Asher also) I gotta share the new gospel. Amen.

So I'm hella tired and I'm going to sleep at this present moment.

Until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....