Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a While

I have really neglected this blog. Not that many people follow it but some people have asked. I wrote a poem tonight/ this morning. Its the first poem I've written in about four or five months. It was about a thunder storm. I only wrote it because a friend asked me to. Here it is.
The Midnight Storm

Matchless infinite splendor
Fill my eyes as I look up
Into the dark sea that is the night sky
I wonder about the many entities
That this beautiful sea holds
In it's mysterious waves
A cloud rolls in
Then another
Soon this sea is filled
With dark, mysterious clouds
I hear a loud noise in the distance
A storm
I lay and wait,
Looking up at the sea
Then a drop falls upon my forehead
Then another and another
A light flashes, the booming sound is closer now
I get excited
A storm
As the wind picks up
And the rain falls in torrents
I lay on the wet grass and smile
Lightening flashes, illuminating the area around me
Thunder, lightening, rain and wind
Heavy, pregnant clouds producing
The most beautiful midnight storm

I enjoyed writing it... And it only took me all of about 5 minutes. Freestyle poetry. I don't even know how I got it done because I usually don't write very well when asked to write. I usually have to be in the mood. I guess my brain decided that I needed to write something.

In other news, I love music. Not that you don't already know that. But I have been falling in love for the first time and again with these old school (and pre-2005) rappers and some new upcoming, unsigned, unknown hypes. A Tribe Called Quest, Common, Talib Kweli, Proven, B-Shaa Akori and Meth and Red just to name a few. I sat at home for most of the day yesterday and just listened to music. I completed my Common discography and discovered that one of my classmates from jr. high has a great old school, 90's, almost Kid' n' Play flow (B-Shaa).
Now I have just come to realize that I have about four junior high school classmates/ friends who are aspiring artists: Sahir, Branden, Elwin and Dudley. These guys have potential to go far in the music world. I'm actually really hype about B-shaa (Branden). Even though I've only heard one song and a few beats from him, I see potential. I think that the people like me who value old school, 90's rap will embrace him. Even though throwback flows aren't the mainstream, you have to realize that artists make music for a certain audience: the audience that appreciates their style of music. His music may not appeal to the "Stanky Leg, Booty Dew, Soulja Boy" appreciators audience but it will reach the fundamental, old school lovers.
Dudley, I have spoken about. D.Julien. His music is real. Dope. Coolio. He doesn't profess to be a gangster. He doesn't rap about crimes, money, cars or hoes. Just about real things that go on in life. THIS is what real rap is supposed to be. He has a modern flow that is nice and his lyrics are on point. He doesn't pull a Weezy and add in random BS to fill up bar space. Every bar has a meaning. He can make it in the music world.
Sahir (City) and Elwin (Don Jay) have a little more ways to go but I see great potential in these two. City's flow has gotten better since two years ago and his beats are on point. Don Jay has a great delivery and smooth lyrics. I really look forward to seeing these two progress and develop into great artists.
On to my N.I. Proven. I've liked him ever since I heard him on the Demev tape First Order of Business on the song 'Talk About Me'. He's an amazing artist with a great flow, dope lyrics and a smooth delivery. He just put out a solo mixtape called Napoleon's Complex. It is honestly one of the best solo mixtapes that I've heard in a while. I bump that shxt on a daily basis. All the songs are good but my favourite ones are Prove Love, Enjoy The Moment ft B/A, One Night, Murdered and So High. Even though these are my favourite, all the songs are worth listening to. He has a new tape coming out soon called Aviator. I got a little sneak preview of a few songs that are gonna be on it on Saturday. Me and my P.I.C. (partner in crime), Green, went to see him up in Harlem on Saturday. It was a very short visit as it was very late and trains had to be caught but it was coolio. He's hella coolio. Just a normal guy and such. Green is in love with him now..... And she is catching on the the likes of my musical taste. I'm glad I can share it with someone. Well, I've asked Prove to let me sing on a tack one day. Hopefully that day comes soon. I've been frikking dying to record a track and even if its not my own , I'd be happy.



Everyone over the age of 17 with a valid ID must see The Hangover. You know those comedies that have you laughing at certain parts every now and again? We Hangover isn't that. Hangover will have you laughing like a fool in the movie theatre ever minute of the movie. Some people say that its overrated. It is not. It is absolutely amazing. A must see, along with Year One, or so I hear.

Well, the sun is rising and the children wake up in like a half hour or so to get ready for school so I best be heading off to sleepy world. I'll post properly this summer.

Until next time,
One, Deuces, TR3YS!!!!!