Thursday, February 26, 2009

Late Night Comedy

I'm bored....I have nothing better to do than YouTube comedians...So here are the fruits of my labour.

Kathy Griffin on Catholics

Russel Peters ( I defenatly almost put Simmons...lolz)

Beat Your Kids!!!! I didn't say it. He did.

Dead Terrorists? WHATT?

Its Pronounced Ah-Rahb, not Aye-Rab <-----This is a link...So are the other two...

Ok I'm done for now. Got a doctor's appointment tomorrow and then I'm gonna look for my prom dress...WHOOT!!!

One, Deuces, Tr3ys....Good Night World

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Its Been A While


Ok, you can say that I am obsessed. I just might be. But I hav all reason to be. This kid is amazing. I've been listening to him for two days strait....I have all his mixtapes....I like, wanna legitly meet this kid and ask him how he has the energy to put out THREE mixtapes in ONE month. I mean, wow. I have no words, at all. You are dope Charles Hamilton. Maybe even doper than me. LOLz...
I'm currently listening to Talk About Me off the Demevolist mixtape. DOPE! I don't think I've ever been obsessed with an artist like this (except for the Jiggaman, Nas....) Matter fact, let me rephrase that. I've don't think I've been this obsessed or excited over any new artist. Seriously. I love it....So special. I can't even think straight...Lolz....

'Brooklyn Girls' Pretty Dope...if you like things chopped and screwed
ThisIs50 Freestyle

'Neh Neh Neh" ft Cory Gunz I love this joint...something you just wil' out to...

Charles Hamilton Dot Com (Not really)

One, deuces and Tr3ys....