Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Am Not A Black American

I love how every year when Martin Luther King Day or Black History month comes around I am never asked to be a part of the few Black students that are called together to honour "Black heroes" in song or spoken word. But, after realizing this this past Monday, I thought to myself, "Would I even agree to singing 'Life Every Voice' with seven other Black children?" Nope. If I were asked to do anything for anything pertaining to Black history I would probably decline the offer.
Things like that are separating and quite frankly that is what 'our Black heroes' fought and gave their lives for. In my opinion we should move on. I'm not saying that we should forget people like MLK who have paved the way for equality. But I feel that MLK and the likes of him fought and laid down their lives in order for us to be unified as Americans. Not White Americans or Black and Hispanic Americans but just Americans. I may be wrong but I feel that constantly bringing up Blackness and whatnot undermines those sacrifices. It takes away from the American unity. The words of that great American song goes 'I'm proud to be an American.' Not a Black or White American but American. Let us exercise and take advantage of the freedoms and unity that the Civil Rights trailblazers have fought for and just be AMERICAN.

On another topic, tomorrow is the March For Life in D.C. and I just found out that I cannot attend this wonderful event. I am quite upset. people should not kill unborn human beings just because they made a bad choice or they changed their mind about having a child. What gives anyone the right to take the life of a person? Especially a person that has no say in the matter. Foolish humans. SMH. Stop killing babies. Its selfish quite frankly.

That is all.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Transportational Suicide

So, I went to visit Drexel in Philly on Monday with the bestie Polta. I enjoyed it. The only things I did not like was that it was not in a very busy part of Philly and the dorm rooms were so tiny. While we were in orientation, Polta pointed out that there were like 70 million black men there. Of course that is something only she would realize. I can't wait till I visit Temple though. From what I hear it is much better than Drexel.

Now this post is named what it is named because of an event that transpired while we were on our way back home. A man fell in front of the train we were on. Now this was not a mistake. For eye witness accounts, he finished off his cigarette and tipped himself over the edge of the platform. Crazy.... Then we went to Brooklyn, chilled with Elmo, got a bit tipsy (Corona is the best!!) and smoked a bit. We got back to school at like 1 AM cuz we missed the train (partially my fault). All in all, i had fun.

Now, my niggy Eazy told me about a new mixtape with Charles Hamilton, Wale, Asher Roth and all those people on it... I WANT IT!!!!!! So I need to look for it or find someone that has it. I swear it is going to be illy... Just like me!!!!

I am very proud of myself. I am currently working on two songs at the same time. Rap songs. When I finish, I will either got to MikeJ or Elmo for a beat. I will try me ernest best to get them recorded. People have been waiting for me to be on a track for years. I will come through.

So I have hella homework to do so I shall stop typing now.


Friday, January 9, 2009

Real Chance of Being Degraded

Ok. So my fellow Jamaican Tifa just told me about some Real Chance of Love episode where BayBayBay got into an argument with MILF (I've only watch this show once in my life and only know the names because she told me.) Apparently BBB pulled out the Bible and called MILF the Devil. How the hell are you on a frikking show to compete against other whores (thats what they are, if not sketels) and have the privilage to call another woman, who you are no better than, the Devil? You can't cuss people out with the Bible. What the hell is wrong with people? 

Also, what pisses me of is that girls (Yes girls. Women have respect for themselves) would fight other girls, pull down other girls and degrade themselves just for a guy and then complain the they are being objectified. Bitch, if you didn't make yourself and object then you would not be objectified. Don't even go and blame rap music cuz them N.I.'s take what they get. If a bitch throw herself at him he gon take her. If a trick shows a nigga that she is easy and nasty and will do anything then he (If he is immature and cannot control himself as with alot of men) will use that to his advantage. If you show a guy what he wants easily then you get no respect. Dudes have no respect for femmes that throw themselves around. They may be happy to fkk you or enjoy the oral pleasure that you might render gracefully and with 'talent' but as far as respect and being wifey material, its a no-no. 

Speaking of parents, why the hell did Real and Chance take those femmes to meet their parents? If I was a dude I'd be embarrassed to introduce femmes like that to my parents. I would be embarrassed if my parents even knew that I associated with such people. Thats horrible. And plus, the show is just a competition for who is going to be Real and Chance's main fkk friend. Do they really think that these dudes would fall in love with them? If they do then the got something  coming. Relationships that are achieved be competition don't last. They have no substance. Look at Hoops and Flavor Flav. They wasn't even together long enough to call it a relationship. Femmes need to wise up for real. They give us a bad name.

Speaking about names, why the fuck would you accept someone calling you a MILF? That is blatantly degrading. Mother I'd Love to Fkk? Why would you stand for being someone's object (there's the word again) of lust. You can't even call it desire because desire has a sensual ring to it. The man wants to fkk you. Not make love to you or even have semi-meaningful sex. He wants to just fkk you. He doesn't want you for friendship (Being fkk buddies is not a friendship) and he doesn't want you for intelligent conversation. He wants to satisfy his hormones, release some sperm and move on with is day. Point blank. There is no love in that. Real Chance at love my ass. Lets try real chance of getting degraded or Real chance of being a whore-bitch or real chance at getting fkked and then dropped like  a ball sac. Damnit, and apparently this trick has a son. That is no example to set for him. He's gonna grow up not having proper respect for women. I mean really, there is not point to this show besides watching femmes make a mess of themselves and degrade themselves. If anyone swiped a card in between their butt cheeks they should not complain. You put yourself out that way so that is the way you are going to be treated. Real talk.

On a less frustrating note, I'm cooking for the International Festival at my school. Me and four other fellow Jamaicans are putting up a table with different foods from out island. I'm also gonna put some Trini stuff on it too. Gotta represent. Lolz

ALSO, please, do yourself a favor and listen to DMX. Don't listen to the party stuff cuz most likely that the only thing you've ever listened to from him. But listen to all his albums. To the songs that did not come out as singles. DMX is real. He does not talk bullshxt. He is not one of those gangster rappers that would just rap "Im gangster so Imma kill you cuz thats how I grew up. All I do is murder murder and kill kill" and whatnot. He says some real shit. My Ukrainian made me listen to I Wish featuring Seal and told me to really listen to the words. That shxt is hard. Real talk. Don't sleep on DMX. I know he is an angry man but that's what makes his music so raw. He is up there with the greats when it comes to meaning and not just flow and general appeal. AMF...DMX caters to the general appeal: he generally appeals to me..LMAO..But for real though, listen to DMX.

Drake. Can.Sing....Very.Well. Now I did not know that until the other day. When I heard thatthis kid from frikkin Degrassi had decided to become a rapper I was kinda skeptical. Then I heard Share and Brand New (My brand new favourite song) and fell in love with him. Besides his lyricism, I love that he doesn't claim to be what he is not like half the rappers these days. He's from Canada and was an actor. He's not a thug and didn't get shot at (in real life) and he didn't grow up eating bread and bolonga (I don't even know how to spell that). He's real. The number one quality I look for in an artist. Plus, he's decent looking. Drake has my vote for new artist of the year...along with Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and B.o.B. Oh..Speaking of B.oB, go look up "I'll Be In The Sky" and "Haterz Everywhere We Go". Theses are some good joints. If you love Outkast (How can you not?) then you will love B.o.B.

Lastly, I think, I wrote a rhyme today...I'm quite proud of myself. Not because it was great or anything but because I actually wrote something. If I just keep writing in little spurts when I have time, such as in U.S. or Math 12, then I can get somewhere with my music and make people proud (ie, Elmo, City, Eazy and etc.)

Anyways, I got hella HW to read and whatnot so Imma deuce it......So../


*Elmo, Pick Up Your Phone..I Know your Up*LMAO 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Old School Vids & Songs

My favourite song from Eric B and Rakim

A Raekwon Jumpoff



Monday, January 5, 2009

Tears Of The Bittersweet Variety

Today was the most wonderfulest day. Besides not being allowed into my elementary school because I forgot my I.D., I had fun. I gotto Ford at frikkin 7th period. Mr. Sued has not changed. Assoon as he saw my visitor sticker he said "You cannot go to teacher's classrooms while they are teaching. And don't go into the lunchroom." Asshole. But of course, I went into the lunchroom where I was greated by the coolest English teacher in the world besides Mez, Mr. Shamoun. He asked me what I was doing there again (I went in November, remember?) and I explained to him that I had no life and that I was going back to school today. He laughed at me. Then, my secondary greeting came from one of the sexiest men I've ever met in my life. My ex, Ty. After we hugged I looked around the lunchroom to see who else I knew (all in vain cuz I'm blind as fkk) and then I asked him who had a free then. He took me overto the senior section..AND I SAW BEN!!!! "What the fkk are you doing here?" The natural Fordian response to visitors..lmao... We talked about the shxtload of people that got kicked out after I left. One dude got kicked out for tagging the school and then writing his tag on a test. Smartass. Another dude put Tylenol inthis femme's drink and woulde've gotten away with it but he was snitched on. Then the convo moved to the Jizzed In My Pants video, the Dick in a Box video, lesbians, some kid that loves to make a fool of himself and more lesbians. Apperantly half the people thatI told about me going to boarding school think that its all girls and that I'm going to or have started to become a lesbian (Although Ty has been calling me a lesbo since 9th grade).

I miss Ford. Not because of the teacher or even the school itself, but because of my friends. Joey and Ty and Ben and Maria and Tiffany and Darrel ( who doesn't remember anyone at all) and Christian and all those other people. I really miss them. If I could have found a way to bring them to Stony Brook ith me then I would have. Also, I realize that if I had never left Ford I would probably still be going out with Ty (who I miss so much...Damn he's a sexy beast...). But alas, que sera sera....What will be will be. Actually for this tense it would be qu'est, est....Seven years of French baby!!!!

Back to school tonight and I have a shxtload of songs to share with my buddies. WuTang, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Drake, Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube and more...I also got some intrumental cuz Elmo wants to do a song with me. Its called Agreement and I have hot find a proper beat so I can start writing to it.

Speaking of writing, I PROMISE to write way more this year. After next wweek or so, I will have way more time than ever before to write. I shall not disappoint.

Sadly, this will be my last daily post. I hate my schools fkking filtered internet. WTF harm can a blog do? I'm sure students are smart enough to make wise decissions. Assbitches. Even if someone did something bad b/c of a blog, thats they fault, not yours. Did I mention that I hate the schools internet filter? Shxt.

Anyways, just so you don't cry because of my upcoming irregularity, here are some videos that will give you a headache b/c you're trying hard not to laugh out loud like a fool...Enjoy =)

So..Dueces Jibreel!!!!

I Thought I Named This Before...Oh Well

Today (technically yesterday) was a good day. T'was. I went to church (where I shalln't attend after November 27, 2009), and then went to the grandparents house. Boy do those people love me. More Vicky Shh-Don't Tell Nobody (Sheri insider) stuff, alcoholic beverages and best of all...MONEY!!!! That is going towards my class ring...But thats besides the point. Its not everyday you leave your grandparents house with a check. LMAO

Anyways..My bestie loves me to death. Those are his own words...Actually his words were "I love you to death" but you get the point. I smiled like a little girl when he told me that. =)...{{Side note:Why dsnt blogger have smilies???}}

I. Love. Elmo. Now you may think I'm talking about the Seseame Street character, whom I do have love for but I am not... I am talking about my friend Edwin. I've known this dude since 6th or 7th grade (most likely 7th). He is an upcoming artist and whileI was telling him about me not having time to write he encouraged me. Matter fact, he's alweays encouraging me when it comes to music . [BTW I was just told by Elmo that it was 6th grade.]
Da Convo:
Elmo(12:17:01 AM): Lmao u retarded
V-Lo (12:17:23 AM): thankies!!! i have nothing to do with my life...not my fault
Elmo (12:19:51 AM): Its ok help will kome
V-Lo (12:20:09 AM): dont look like it...
Elmo (12:21:19 AM): Look u hav a lot 2 do wit ur life luv u got a gift 4 musik don't throw it away
V-Lo (12:22:23 AM): hmm..time seems to not want me to make musik....but i'll try....
Elmo (12:24:53 AM): NOOO U GON DO IT
Elmo (12:24:58 AM): Wat do u like doin
Elmo (12:25:03 AM): Wat makes u wanna do sumtin
V-Lo (12:25:40 AM): i like..skratch that..I LOVE musik....
V-Lo (12:26:01 AM): um..wat drives me is encouragement and knowing i'll be proud of my finished project
Elmo (12:28:13 AM): Ok so y don't u keep goin shit me? Wen I write a song an read it ova I ß like ight kool wen I put it down an da trak done? I ß mad hype like ayyyy u u gotta start writin again any free time start writin
V-Lo (12:29:27 AM): yes Oh wise one...lolz...but knowing me im gonna need someone to hold me accountable...
Elmo (12:33:01 AM): Lol don't do dat an its ok ill help u out wit dat ight?

So I have people backing me up, tryna make sure I don't waste my talent. Even my motherwas like 'I don't hear you singing anymore.' Don't worry people. My music will be underway as soon as college stuff finishes. Time was hindering me and I willn't (that logicly is a word) allow it anymore. I shall live out my full musical potential! VIVA LA MUSICA DE V-LO!!!!!

Hey, drink green tea...Its good for you. Just saying.

So tomorrow (when I wake up later today, in like 7 or 8 hours) I'm planning on visiting my elementary school and Ford...again. I have to invite my elementary school principal to my graduation. And maybe Mr. Campanaro from Ford. I shall. So, I'll revert back to the ways of old posts and think 'What shall I weae?' Quite frankly, I kinda don't feel like going all out to look amazing. I mean its not like I'm tryna impress anybody. And the people that I would be trying to impress are already eternally impressed by me. (I didn't impress them, I left an impact.) I think I'll rock my Love146 tee shirt (white, red and black) with a black hoodie, either my dark straight jeans or these jeans that I just put on to see how they fit with my Timbs. YupyUp...That outfit it shall be...I'll spend a half hour or so with Mrs. Grinage and then head over to Ford for the rest of the academic day. So it shall be. I shall hang out with Joey and Christina in frikking Cultural Anthropology class and eat that famous Ford cookie at lunch with them. Fun fun. Aslo, I will try to remeber the names of the people whose names I have forgotten (where is my yearbook when I need it???)

Ao I'm AIMing and FBing usual. This is prolly going to be one of my last constant post before I go back to school where for some reason blogs are blocked. Foolish place. I'll only be able to definately blog on Wednesdays (Did I spell that right? I have issues) and on random days when I magicly aquire unfiltered internet.

Watch this...

and this...I had to....Throw back...

AND this...

Last one then I'll duece it...I promise

Lock your doors tonight so that the Tickle Monsters don't get you.LMAO...
I am finished here tonight (this morning....

Dueces Jibreel.....

Sorry...Had to edit this one in..too funny...

Sunday, January 4, 2009


So today wasn't very eventful. Procrastinated, printed a college form, took my sister to the hair dresser. The latter sprung up some envy. That girl has the best hair of anyone in my family. I'm mixed with black, white, indian and hispanic and it only shows in my mothers hair and my little sister's hair. After the hairdresser blew out her hair she looked at mine and shook her head. WTF?? I'm the flippin first born child and the last child gets the good hair? Fkk that save the best for the last bullshxt...Ugh...

Anyways, I also watched boxing for about 4 hours. Holyfield and Tyson. Watching ESPN Classics' presentation on ESPN2 made me realize how truely legendary the two are. I watched the Holyfield v. DeLeon fight from April 9, 1988 and laughed my as off. DeLeon was getting his ass kicked. He was against the ropes in every round....Shame shame. DeLeon looked worn down by the 5th round. I kinda felt bad for him. Then I watched a Holyfield v. Dokes fight from March 11, 1989. A much better fight. Dokes was getting some shots in but Evender was still kicking ass. After, I watched a Holyfield v. George Foreman match. I had completely forgotten that he was a boxer. Not my fault. Grills and boxing are not that closely related.lmao

Now for Tyson. 1985. Michael Johnson. K.O. but Johnson is back up on a count of 9. 38 seconds in. TKO. Tyson goes hard. What surprises me is that afterward in his interview, he sound like an inoccent man from the suburbs. Voices are devieving. This niggy is a violent ass muthableeper. He said it himself. Damn, if this niggy talks violently and acted violently (while getting paid to do so), I wonder what he raps about. This dude is (was) reckless, dangerous, and downright amazing. Tyson is arrogant without seeming cocky. I like that. Ain't nothing like a man that knows he's the best. "I refuse to be beat." he told intervievers in that vioce that sounds like he's the bad guy in a 1930's film.

Tyson/Furguson. K.O.
Zouski. K.O.
Berbick. K.O.
This guy is unstoppable...that is until Douglas. Well, every title holder has his fall.

The fight that I really loved was the Tyson Berbick fight on April 16,1986. The KO was the crazyest thing ever...Berbick got washed....Werd up G money...LMAO..He's the vid...KO @ 3:55... I love how Berick tries so hard to get up...


also, chack out this video...Shxt is mega hilarious...

YouTube is offish my bestie...Move over Jibreel and Kristina...LOLz...

Well, its well after 2 AM...Ok wow...its 3...nice...I have to wake up in 3 and a half hours so off I shall go...


Friday, January 2, 2009


Too much YouTube for me..lolz Some frestyles and battles...Classica man...

Em Vs. Biggie [Hip Hop Wars]

Not a freestyle but this shxt is hilarious....


Ne-Yo..Not a freestyle but coulda been...Also Anti-Weezy =)

OBAMA!!! (Tho I'm not the biggest fan of him)

I had to...NOW I shall go to bed....smh...frikkin 4:52 AM..damn

Dueces for real....


As I was roaming around NYC without my bestie, I decided to see a movie. Now i wanted to Clint Eastwood it and see Gran Torino but it was sold out. Figures. So I saw Seven Pounds. It was good an well worth my $12.50 (I remeber when movies were 9 bucks...smh). I had to force myself not to cry in the theatre. What made it even better is that I was sitting inbetween a gay couple and two girls who were very bitchy in order to get the seats next to me. The gay guys were cool and the girls were obnoxious. Anyway, At the end of the movie the gay guy closest to me wiped his eyes. I wouldn't have been alone had I let out a little tear...

But I feel that I've cried enough for the past two days. This is a really tough time for me as I've never been faced with this situation before. I keep our conversation window up as a way of keeping hope that he'll talk to me again, that he wont be mad at me. Quite frankly, I think this situation has shown me how much I've grown as a person. In the past I would have either put this out of my mind, saying that it didn't matter or gotten upset at him and start calling him names. But now, I realize why he is angry, I admit my fault, I share how I feel. I also realize that it will take time for the situation to get better.

On a lighhter note.....I have so much to do tomorrow. I have an essay to write, and essay to start, a paper to look over, SAT scores to send in, FASAblahblah forms to fill out....Shxt... Thats a shxtload of work for the 7 hours I have free... Thats what I get for procrastinating...Too bad...lolz

Back to school in..fkk it...on Monday night... I really can't wait to get back. Even though I won't be in my current state of internet freedom and time I have that schedule that keeps me functioning like a remotely normal person. =) Plus, i got all my international peoples that I love. Its kinda sad, the people that I'm really close with don't live in Brooklyn. Damnit, one lives in frikkin Ukraine. That shxt is crazy.

Anyways...heres some YouTube videos I found while I was writing this =)

Below is one of my jumpoffs...I have a thing for callabos

NaS and the JiggaMan...

Last one...Then off to..bed I guess...

I remember when I used to love Juelz..Uncle JuJu as I called him...He is a very good freestyler...

So as I head off to bed and you come down to these last words of this post, remember to keep your resolutions...Stay healthy, be nice and all the best for '09.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brand New With The Same Old

So its offish 09. beautiful. I really don't know what all this 'change' hype is about beacause next week everyone will be back to their normal lives. I'll be back in school in LI, I'll have the same friends (minus one...=[ ), I'll be the same person for the most part. Personally, I believe that it shouldn't take a new year to encourage change. People should be willing to change on their own, even if it is in July.

Now, I came into 09 sad. Not because school is 5 days away or because I still have college shxt to do. But because I've lost a friend. My best friend. I blame myself to him but come on, if you knew a guy that was a complete gallis in every sense of the word (player, womanizer), you would not expect him to drop all of them on the same day just for you. My shock made me sa y that I didn't think he was serious about it and in turn pissed him off. I was told not to call him and he ignores my IM's. If this was any other friend I'd have said 'Fkk it' and moved on..but no, this is my bestie. The guy that for three years was the first to know about anything that went on in my life, good and bad.

So while you guys enjoy your first day of 09, I will be tryng to salvage a much needed, dear and important friendship (And possiblly get twisted and lifted)

Happy New Year!!! ( Or Hamilton Year as C.H. says) and stick to your resolutions.


Oh, BTW, I finished that book I was reading. VERY GOOD its called Directed Verdict by Randy Singer... Its a very good read.

Also... ---I knew I loved XXL for a reason...