Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry Bout Tis But

Just a few anti-SB comments from various differnt sources.

Souljah boy does not deserve a record deal first of all. He needs to take off his tall tees and fake ass bling....He has singlehandedly ruined the lives of white teenage boys who think they can dance with his stupid "crank that" song... hes has given hope to "wiggers" that have to hope, god bless their soul and fuck you Souljah fag. Honestly what the fuck is supermanning a hoe. And what the fuck is this instructional video. That aint hiphop. -- A Facebook Group called 'Soulja Boy Has Ruined America"

Soulja Boy is a talentless, worthless piece of shit. His songs annoy the fuck out of me and everyone that has any standards for the kind of music they listen to. His new CD is a fucking insult to the music industry and deserves to be banned from all stores (including online music stores). Everytime I hear "Crank That," a part of me dies.Soulja Boy's new song "Yahhh" is the most annoying piece of shit song in the world. For anyone that hasn't heard it, trust me, you don't want to. It ruined my day yesterday when I heard it on the radio. --A Group Called 'Fuck Soulja Boy'

I mean come on, this guy is the worst. Crank That was one thing but Yahhh Bitch Yahhh kilt it dead for good. Fake ass shit. And these new crank that videos made the situation even worse. crank that spiderman, superman, homeless man, jump rope, lion king...they all SUCK! Biggie, Bone Thugs, 2pac??? why aren't there more great rappers like these? Rap has seriously gone downhill since like the 90's and now Soulja Boy has killed it forever. Fuck Soulja Boy --From a Group called 'Soulja Boy Officially Killed Rap'

This group is for the people who realize that Soulja Boy Tell 'em has no talent whatsoever. All his beats are made from a free beat making program called "Fruity Loops" and the sound quality of all his songs sound like a computer mic, which it is.Soulja Boy has released many creatively named songs, including:"Crank Dat", "Yah Bitch Yah", "Soulja Girl" (very original!), and not to forget, "She Thirsty" and "Doo doo head"!Soulja Boy is completely ruining the face of all rap and music all together. He does not even use real instruments when recording his songs. Look at him, he uses white out to put his write his name on his sunglasses, how can a guy like him become famous?WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS CRAP? -- From a group Called ' Soulja Boy Sucks'

Soulja Boy is the worst thing to ever happen to music Terrible lyricsStupid songsAll around crapHe is giving a bad name to hip hop and rap, its very sad that this fucking joke is on TV when there are so many better Hip hop and rap artist. If you don’t know who Soulja Boy is check out these links and you will see how sad this little man is.Stupid song number one- Crank that - song number 2 - Tell em"

mindless music that discards rap's traditional emphasis on message"-- "From Soulja Boy Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Music'

I know some ya'll thinking here goes Eddie with another dumb ass group but this needs the current attention of the nation:It was already bad enough that simple-versed rappers like Young Jeezy were the most popular in the game at one point. It is a shame that even Jay-Z doesn't make hits as prolific as those on the Blueprint. Nas has already made the proclamation and now I believe it to be true. Hip Hop is Dead. I say this because SOULJA BOY has been nominated for a GRAMMY. Not a BET Ringtone of the Year. A FUCKING GRAMMY! I know Soulja boy is popular but what does that say about the quality of music across the nation? DAMN! --From 'Why Was SB Nominated For a Fkkin Grammy???'

Come on, I mean these are just the first coulpe of FB group pages. Non-hiphop listeners have a problem with SB.

They Say Imma Hater

So after I shared my little rant on SB, I was told that I was a hater. Now this isn't anything new to me because they told me that on HV but personally, I don't think that I have the neccessary traits to be named a hater. Urban defines hating as:
1)A person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. Hating, the result of being a hater, is not exactly jealousy. The hater doesnt really want to be the person he or she hates, rather the hater wants to knock somelse down a notch,
2)Overused word that people like to use just because someone else expresses a dislike for a certain individual, and
3)A person who feels anger and/or jealousy for someone who has succeeded in something they have worked hard for.
Quite frankly, I agree with the second definition because that what peope have been doing. "Oh you don't like SB's music? You are a hater." What the fkk kindda bullshxt is that? I gues that would mean that I'm hating on Tony Yayo and Cam'Ron and such people. The first is certified hateration, which is not what I am doing. I also agree with definition 3. I would accept being a hater if SB had talent, or tried to have talent. Getting money from YouTube hits is not working hard. Cranking is not working hard. Making videos with two niggies behind your shoulder is not working hard. Going at the heads that are Hip Hop is not working hard (unless he was working hard at tryna get killed). Again, expressing my valid, almost factual opinion, is not hating.
So here is a convo...
FB status Update:Olivia is venting on her blog about SB...stupid niggy, rap is for real artists. 2:27am - 11 Comments

Naomi Geezup at 2:34am December 31
lol niggy but word i agree fully

V-Lo at 2:35am December 31
Oh yeah!!!

Steven A at 4:15am December 31 via Facebook Mobile
hating again i see....smh

V-Lo at 12:03pm December 31
I am not a hater Steven A ...hmph

Steven A at 12:21pm December 31 via Facebook Mobile
"you aint a hater.....can't tell."

V-Lo at 12:34pm December 31
Oh please. Then everyone that cant stand SB is a hater...watevz..would u like to read it?

Steven A at 12:47pm December 31 via Facebook Mobile
yea sure. Write a note on facebook im mobile. And your reason for not liking him stated on hoodvisions is hating.
V-Lo at 12:57pm December 31
Gilley, I'm not hating. Im sure there are ppl in this world you dont like. Are you hating on them? Just expressing my opinion, sir.=)(Then I copy and pasted this mornings blog entry)

Steven A at 1:30pm December 31 via Facebook Mobile
see when you get mad at someone's success then to me its automatically hating. Im not particulary a fan of Soulja Boy but I admire his hustle and prob sing to some of his songs but if i dislike someone i dont speak on their success but OnLy the fact that i dont like their style songs music etc but dont get mad cause other ppl like it and he is making money

V-Lo at 1:34pm December 31
Im not mad at his success per se....And I did talk about his 'musical talent'....I'mz not a hater. Money is nothing without respect. I really wouldn't care if he was the richest man in the world, I have no respect for him because of his personality and his 'music'. Point Blank

Steven A at 1:38pm December 31 via Facebook Mobile
oh ok.
There is no way anybody who know real hip hop can legitimately hate on Soulja Boy Tell 'Em. No way in Heaven, Hell or on this Earth. i really don't believe someone would call me a hater for saying I can't stand SB. I wouldn't be upset if they said I hated on Nas or Jigga or Biggie..Damn

YouTube In Da Morning

I love this dude!!!

This is funnier that 'Throw Some Cheese On It'

The Dark Night

I really have no life. Its Ok though. lmao. The Jokers names is STEVE!!!!

Tony Soprano meets The Joker

Highly Pissed at a 'Little Child'

Facebook Status Update: Brandi Shoobahallerkhan can't sleep because Soulja Boy said Nas killed Hip Hop.

WTF kinda muthableeping shxt is this? I know Im kinda late. (actually Im not, i just haven't bothered to look at the video until now). But who gave SB the audacity to go at hip hop trailblazers and tell them that THEY killed hip hop? THis nigga is out of place. HOW THE FKK CAN YOU SAY THAT NAS KILLED HIP HOP? NAS IS HIP HOP.....This niggy need to stop making music...Real talk....Some one should beat this niggy. Seriously.

This niggy spoke truth on him....damnit, I should make a fkkin video too.

I really cant believe this 18 year old CHILD has the nerve to go at nigga's thats old enough to be his father. Damn niggy, didn't your mother tell you to respect your elders? To respect the people that made it possible for you to even get a fkkin record deal posing as a rap artist? Damnit, if I was an upcoming artist and Ice-T or NaS said that I was garbage, I'd be frikkin honoured that they even listened to my music...And this stupid child is gonna go after them? You gotsta be outta your mind to pull shit like that. Mad for real.

I get so heated when I hear this muthableeping retarded sorry ass excuse for a paper chaser, "Im a smart dude but Im stupid'' ass niggy speak or hear his name brought up. Why is he considered an artist? Why is he considered hip hop? Damnit, I thought Cam'Ron and Tony Yayo and ppl like that were garbage. SB just put a deeper bag in the trashcan. I really cant believe this niggy. And can someone explain to me why he feels that it is pertinent to place Arab and that other niggy behind him in every video? It does not make him look hard...At all. If its sposed to intimidate, it does no such thing. I does succeed at making him look like an ignorant, rude, '2 niggies behind me make me look gangster' looking ass niggy tho. Damn internet gangster. Who the fkk cares how many hits you get on Youtube? NOBODY. YouTube money is nothing little niggy. You are nothing. You will never be in anyones GOAT list or in anyones favourite rapper list. Your name will live in abundance on "People I've wasted my money on", "Whackest Rappers", "Stupid Children", "Who should stop making records" and other such lists. You are garbage. Damnit, frikkin Teletubbies and their batty-bwoi selves can rap better than you. ( I feel that Im writing this like he's gonna read it. Damnit, I wish he would)

Stupid niggy, respect in rap is for real artists. No one will EVER resect your 'Crank that Everything in the world" ass self. NEVER. Your music will not be played 20 years from now unless someone was comparing real rap to dog shit mixed with monkey piss. THat is right. your 'music' is likened onto animal excretions. And there are millions of people that agree with me. SB should stop recording sounds. Fi tru. He is wasting electricity. Wanna go green? Tell this niggy to stop recording. Save gas, create less pollution, and spare hip hop by staying in your muthableeping house. Do us all a favour. Please. People will be willing to pay you top stay home and stop recording. Damn niggy...Damn...I have no more word...For now....SMMBH

Dueces...Funny YouTube vids in the early PM...

Edit: Check out this link--

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Insomnia Is A Female Dog

I cant sleep..This is not ok...I watch Beta House at like 2 and I've been Facebooking ever since. That picnik thing on FB is really fun. Its like a Photoshop kinda thing (I dont know why I'm saying that and I've never used Photoshop in my life) and its really the only application i really use on FB, besides the SocialmothSecrets and....thats about it really.

I've even dedicated an album to picniking...Its so time conssuming!!!!

So, I looked up my grades today and found something that I've never seen in my high school career. A 3.5 GPA. Quite frankly, I feel that the teachers have made some type of mistake. I DON'T DO WORK...most of the time....But still...I got a frikkin A in Psych and I'm missing more hw in that class than any other class.....And I got a B in Math 12....I don't do that mans work. I though I failed his final...Shxt...At least that means that I'm going to college. Oh yea!!!!

I miss my Polta..I can't wait till Monday night when I see my bestie...I miss Wyatt...He'll be so happy. I bought him 2 lighters from a souviner shop in Manhattan and a box of Blacks. For some reason, everytime I give this boy something out of the kindness of my heart he insists that he pay be back. I keep telling him that he's like my little brother and he doesnt have to but he insists...I love that boy tho. Oh..and I miss Andrew...He's so funny and sweet..And we bothhave something in common: we cant stand his sister...Oh how she annoys me and most of the people around her.

On a happier note, I go back on Monday so I'll see my beloveds!! YaY....

Ok...New Years plans....I wanted to chill with the bestie Jibreel. Hopefully I do cuz I havent seen him in a while. I wanna go see that Grand Torino movie..It looks good...

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: Eat Right. Be Healthy. Start Training For Track. Be Nice (Ha!!! Funny). 3.5 GPA. Get Into Temple . Continue In The Renewed Swaggerless Swaggerosityal Ways Of Dec '08. LIsten To Alex.

Well, i need to give my undivided attention to my friend to whom I am sending IM's to so I shall duece it...GOOD MORNING!!!!

Friday, December 26, 2008

Just A Bit Of Style Change

I woke up at 12:30 Christmas afternoon. Great.

I'm sitting here IMing three people and eyeing the book that I should be reading right now because it is so good. Its called Directed Verdict by Randy Singer. Amazing courtroom thriller. Its reading books like these that make me want to become a lawyer. I'm prolly heading down that path anyway...

I've been speaking to my grandfather, a retired army man, about my career choices and such. He wanted me to become a nurse. I said 'Nah, B.' Not really. I said I didn't want to go into nursing. Then he went into this thing about how the army will pay for my schooling and all that. I still wasn't having it. Why do I look like sitting in a frikkin medical tent in Tajikistan tending to the wounds of American patriots? What the hell do I look like tending to anyone's but my future children's wounds?

He then said " You should be a lawyer. We have every other important profession in the family except a lawyer, a nurse and a doctor." I said. " Yes, Grandfather." But then, as the week went on I thought about it. I would make a great defense lawyer. And boy do I love to argue. I told my father last week and he sai "You'd make a great lawyer." (He'd also been suggesting this profession for years now.) I told my grandfather last night and he was happy. I told one of my guy friends and he would most likely be my first major client. LOLz

Now, I'm trying to share some Charles Hamilton and Blu to one of my good friends. He gets kinda skeptical but for the most part we have the same taste in music so I know he will like them....I sent him some B.o.B too....

Music excites me. I dont know what it is but it just does. Especially when I hear music with meaning and good words. Like I can sit and listen to Nas all day...I can keep One Mic or Close the Door on repeat and not get sick of it. My ideal music playlist would have only like 10-15 artists. No lie. I'll prove it. The only artists (rap) that I would constantly listen to are: Jigga, Esco, Biggie, Chalres Hamilton, Blu, B.o.B, Mos Def, Talib, AZ, dead prez, 50 and a few other who are not coming to my head at this moment. I listen to real rap music. Not the 'I wanna make people think I'm cool so ima pretend I went ot jail for 10 years even though I only spent 3 months for a minor crime' music or the 'let me make a dance for everything under the Sun' type music...

I get upset when people play garbage rap and say "Yo, this shxt is dope. This is real hip hop. He is the new face of hip hop." Trick please. If making dance songs and songs about donks, loving in clubs, giving buisness and foolishness like that is supposed to revive hip hop, then what killed it?

No one respects rappers that pretend. Don't say that you were born in the ghetto when you don't know what government cheese is. Don't say you grew up in the streets if ya parents never let you out the house. Stop claiming shxt that you are not. Don't try to be hard. Be yourself. Thats why I love Charles and Asher and them dudes. They didn't change to suit the public. Nobody should. Personally, I think that is why hip hop and rap isn't at its greatest anymore. No one wants to be themselves. its like rappers feel that they have to come with a certain look in order to be listened to. Damnit, Charles Hamilton wears pink and likes Sonic the Hedgehog and I love his music. If some rapper loved wearing Barney t-shirts, gave shout outs to Barney and the Teletubbies and had dope lyrics, even though I might think he was a bit queer, I'd listen to him. Damnit, I wouldn't care if a turtle rhymed like Nas, I'd listen. At the end of the day, all that should matter is the quality of the music.

Now I shall go read for an hour or so and then sleep until 12.30 this afternoon.

Dueces Jibreel...

Monday, December 22, 2008

Il Faut Que Vous Check These Guys Out!!!

Charles Hamilton-



Asher Roth-

These guys are amazing.

Sunday, December 21, 2008


So, now I'm in love witha rapper named Blu. his word play is amazing and he's fresh to ressurection...He's doing a concert-show thing tomorrow with Talib Kweli and Res and I so wanna go. Here's a sample of greatness...

Also, hit up The Fader mags website. They're pretty dope..

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey, it's been a while because I'm back in school now. Getting ready for finals and what not. But anyway, I came upon these pictures as I was looking through my Facebook.

After looking at these pics, I realize that my friends (at least some of them) are quite fashionable. The 90's retro look, the scarves and shiny jackets, sweaters and such. They really know how to put themselves together.

So, I feel (after reading my beloved GQ magazine) that I should be a male stylist. I mean, i could have put those outfits together. I can really dress a man. I do what GQ does in their fashion section: take a guys look (or the one they want to portray) and improve it with better choices or I can change a guys style totally. GQ should hire me...Oh yes...I can pull it off.

More next week...