Monday, March 30, 2009

I'm a Playwrite, Legitly

Just something I wrote for creative writing last night.

***Reproduction art- a reproduced painting
Orifice- An opening in your body, ie mouth, nose, rectum, etc

Just a note: some may find this piece slightly disturbing. Enjoy.

Krait and Michail

Krait: If you only knew what I wanted to do to her. Seriously.
Michail: Like I don’t know already. Who wouldn’t want to do her? I’m sure every guy that has seen her has wanted to.
Krait: No. See you don’t understand. Someone hired me to do her. Like do her do her.
Michail: No one would have to pay me to hit that. (Laughs obnoxiously.)
Krait: Ugh. You really don’t get it do you? I was hired to kill the incompetent whore.
Michail: Oh. You got hire to DO her. Like do her do her? Wow.
Krait: Even though that is exactly what I just said. Yes. And, the person that hired me game me details on how they want it done. Before they showed me her picture I just looked at it as another job. But then, I saw her. I swear the person that hired me knew that I’d enjoy torturing her before I killed her.
Michail: How’d they want you to do her?
Krait: Oh. I just get excited just thinking about it. (Laughs heartily)Well, since she’s always at home in the day, they figured that I should do it then.
Michail: That way there is less chance of witnesses.
Krait: Correct. So, I walk into her kitchen where she is having her morning coffee and reading the New York Times Arts section. I put my gun to the back of her head and I tell her that if she makes any noise I’ll shoot. Then I take her down to her basement that her ex-husband so wonderfully sound proofed.
Michail: Ah. I’m loving this already. No one will hear her screams. Damn, I almost want to be there and see this.
Krait: I would bring you but you know I can’t. But yes, I put her on the couch and tell her to stay there. I go up to the book shelf and take the reproduction art that I took off her wall and put there the night before. Could you imagine the look on her face when she sees that I’ve been in her house already?
Michail: Krait, you have to let me come. I won’t show my face. Please. I have to be there.
Krait: Your face doesn’t matter if she’s going to die anyway. But listen. After that, you remember what I said about all her major orifices?
Michail: Yea.
Krait: Well, I shall do that. I might stretch them out or make a few new ones. Then after she enjoys her time with the reproduction art and the few little statues that she had laying out and about the den, I’m going to pull out the couch into a bed and put her e in the holding compartment. This is where her own choice will determine whether she gets killed or not.
Michail: You’re giving her a choice? Are you kidding me?
Krait: Relax, any choice she makes will result in her death. Anyway, she’ll be in the compartment and I’ll fold it back over her. She’s small enough to fit fairly comfortably in the little space. I’ll tell her that I’m thinking of a number from 1 to 20 and if she guesses close to it, I won’t shoot her.
Michail: Bullshit. You’d never—
Krait: No, listen. After she guesses the number I’ll tell her some random number that is far away from what she guessed because I ‘m not going to think of a number in the first place.
Michail: Give her a sense of hope and then crush it. I like it.
Krait: Of course you do. It’s like one of the best tortures. Then I tell her that it’s too bad that she has to die now. I leave her there with the gun in a little contraption that I made and tested a couple days ago on that old lady on Mullins Road.
Michail: Oh, you’re the one that killed her.
Krait: Yea. I had to test it on someone and her time on Earth was just about up anyway. So the contraption is connected to the couch. I’ll walk out and when she tries to get up, the contraption will go to work and pull the trigger and BANG!! She’s dead. Perfect.
Michail: It really is. I just really wish I can get a go at her before you kill her.
Krait: I know you would, that’s why I had the people that hired me set you up with her for a date set up with her tonight. Well, it’s partly because I need her out the house so I can prepare myself for tomorrow night’s events.
Michail: Sweet. Can you give me a copy of the tape it so I can see? I just want to see her face. Just her face.
Krait: Oh I will. I will Michail.
(Cell phone rings)
Krait: It’s her. Enjoy yourself.
Michail: I sure will. I’ll knock her dead.
[EXIT Krait to street]
Michail: Hey Christina, meet me at the Hilton in a half an hour. You’re going to have the best time of your life. You’ll remember it till the day you die.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twins, Batman, New Faces and Quail Man

Oh how sweet and beautiful and similar. What a wonderful week it has been and will continue to be. SBS Spirit Week. I swear, this is the week that is the most looked forward to, besides that last week of school of course.*Life by D.Julien* The non-dress code days, class dinners and challenges (Seniors will win) and Faculty Follies. Yesterday, Twin Day, all the seniors dressed alike: all black with white shirts. We were beautifully alike in our class spirit (which we haven't had since 9th grade). There were only a few retards misfits that decided to be odd and didn't cooperate with our plan of unification. *Can I Get A Fkk You by Jay-Z and Snow*
Today was SuperHero/Villain Day. I was very excited to put my Six Flags Batman cape into action and become the Female Batman-- not Batgirl or Batwoman. They aren't as cool as the female Batman. Ya digg? Lolz *Nolia Clap Remix by Juve and others* Anyways, my outfit was pretty dope. All black. Black spandex (that I miraculously got away with),a black top with a black zippered hoodie, black boots (I swear, I bought these boots in like November or October and then see another girl wear them. She looked like a prostitute so I never wore them again.) and of course, my Batman cape.*Slow Motion by Juvenile* My mask was amazing. It took me ten minutes to put it on. Get this: my mask was made out of eyeliner. Legitly. I drew it on and coloured it in. 'Twas quite amazing. Hella special.
Tomorrow is Nerd Day and needless to say, I'm going all out. My glasses are amazing. (I feel like I've said this before.) Anyways, the next day is 80's day in which I will be amazing. Duh. Lolz.
Ok. Going out of order. Quail Man. You remember him from Doug?Quail Man So my Track Coach/ U.S. History teacher was Quail Man today. It was pretty amazing. Throwback to when I was like 11. 'Twas great.
Mixtapes are amazing. is amazing.
Been listening to Darren Isaiah and others. New Faces of Rap Vol 1 is dope and The Anti-Social mixtape and the 10 others I downloaded yesterday.

Gotta go.
Until Next Time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Monday, March 23, 2009


This is a paper/speech that I wrote yesterday for English class. I feel that it is poetic in itself.

I believe that poetry is everything and anything. Some people say that poetry is art. Some say that poetry is an escape or a mouthpiece for emotions. Poetry is all that and so much more. Poetry is speech to the dumb, eyes to the emotionally blind and nerves for the paralytic. Poetry allows people to live and give life to abstract things.
In “homage to my hips” by Lucille Clifton, the speaker aggrandizes her hips. She tells us that her hips are big and free. “they don’t fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they don’t like to be held back. This is what poetry is. Poetry is unrestricted. It is made big by the amount of feeling, emotion and meaning that it should contain. Poetry is not planned and cannot thrive when it is restricted. “they do what they want to do.” As a reader, you cannot tell poetry what to do and what feelings to beckon. After the pen leaves the paper the poem can do whatever it wishes like a person who is not enslaved. “these hips are magic hips. i have known them to put a spell on a man…” Poetry is magic. It can put a spell on you that will allow you to feel the emotions of the poet, bring back memories or understand the poet and even yourself a little more.
Archibald Macleish said that “Poetry should be equal to: not true.” At first glance, you would think that equal and true mean the same thing. But, alas, they have different meanings. One USD is equal to, but not the same as, around 70 Jamaican dollars. This is poetry. The poet doesn’t say ‘the flower is red’. Instead the poet says ‘The beautiful crimson coloured bloom.’ They mean the same thing but are not the same thing. “A poem should be motionless in time as the moon climbs.” This is one of my favourite lines in this poem. When you look at a full moon an any given night it seems so stationary but if you walk outside a half an hour later it is in a different spot. Poetry is like this. You might think that the poem isn’t going anywhere but when you look back, you realize how much it moved you and how many feelings it evoked from you. It’s also beautiful and alluring like the moon.
Lastly, “A poem should not mean but be.” This is a valid and profound statement, poetic in itself. Since poetry is the reflection of another human being, it makes sense for it to be. You would walk up to a person and say that they mean. “You mean beautiful” does not make sense. Poetry is like a human in its state of being. “You are beautiful.” Meaning is relative while existing is absolute. Robert Frost will always be Robert Frost (dead or alive). However what he means to every individual is totally different. Poets should focus on the state of the poetry’s being because poetry is so free that they cannot control what it means to each person. Its understanding is to be understood by the reader.
“For Once Then Something by Robert Frost portrays a wonderful meaning and way for a poem to be understood: through humility. You can research and dig and ask as many questions as you would like but if you have a haughty mind state you will not be able to fully understand a poem. According to Frost, only humility will allow you to understand. Humility will reveal the poems meaning and significance.

Needless to say, I enjoy poetry.
Until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Track, Vent, Soups On and Such

Ugh. Do you want know what that is for? That is the sound I make when I think about the track meet on Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I love track meets. But my wonderful coach/U.S. history teacher put my hero (Bri) in the 100 and 200m. If she runs those races, I will not get a varsity letter. She's amazingly fast but she does middle distance: 400-800. She even complained about being put in the short sprints. *Life by D. Julien ft. RnB* I can't run in a race with her. I mean my times aren't school record breaking but I'm pretty decent. With other racers I'd be motivated to run my fastest. But if I run against my hero I'm gonna walk the damn track. Seriously though, she's too fast for me to run against. I don't know her exact hundred time but judging from how far ahead of me she always is I'd say its around 12.8-13.4 seconds.*Brand New by Drake* My time is around 14.6 or something like that. I am no where as fast as she. Not at all. But I AM excited about our four by one relay team. We are point something seconds away from breaking a school record. Our goal this year is to break it. I feel that we can. Plus I run faster in four by one than the hundred. weird. I guess its because I love the relay more.*A Millie Remix by Asher Roth* If I didn't also like the 200 I would only do the relay. But alas.
So, I'm back to the state I was in only a week ago. SMH. I hate this. Two guys already? Wow.
So I'm sitting here at Soups On, a soup place down the block from my school. I LOVE their soups. They're so good. So I decided on my way over here that I will make it a habit to come here every Sunday after lunch to drink/eat soup and surf the net. *Noila Clap Re-Remix by Bun B, Juve, Skip,Slim Thug and Wacko* Plus their customer service is great. The guy is kind and such. Its a wonderful place to chill.
I just remembered that I need to find a mixtape called the Napalm 2 by DJ Rondevu. I'll go search for it now.

Well, I'm gonna tr3ys it. So, until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tanning, The 80's, Currently Listening To... and Such

I know I haven't updated in a bit. Sorry about that (Chris). I've been very busy lately. Currently, I am sitting in a tanning salon. No, I am not getting a tan. My roomie is. She came back from Long beach a couple weeks ago with a tan and figured she'd keep it up. I kinda feel odd sitting here but ,alas, who cares? I'm getting free wireless and catching up on stuff.*Currently Listening to: A Yo by Method Man ft. Redman*
So next week at school we have Spirit Week. The days go as follows: Twin Day(as per tradition, the whole senior class dresses alike),Super Hero/Villain Day, Nerd Day, Decade Day(we seniors have the 80's), and Class Colour Day(Blue). (BTW, my leg is asleep. Just saying.) I plan to go all out for Decade day and my glasses for Nerd Day are amazing. The are nerdly sexy. The thing is, I think I'd wear them out. I think.
For Super Hero/ Villain day I'm going to wear my Batman cape from Six Flags. SEXY!!!* Currently Listening To: I Love College by Asher Roth* For Class Colour day I'm going to wear jeans and my Dr. Seuss t shirt. I'll have pictures after. I think.
Ok, so I feel that my taste in music is amazing. I think I've said that already. dig Daddy Kane, Charlie, Cudi, Jiggaman, Esco. My taste in music is dope. I feel that I can be defined as a true raphead. I mean, I like good music, not BS. I can't stand BS music. I was planning a school party withe the Activities Committee and John said that he had Chicken Noodle Soup and Crank That and such songs. I told him that when they played i would walk out. I've done it before. I just can't stand it. I rather listen to music that has some type of meaning to it. Some type of amazing lyricism. I'm a no- nonsense raphead. I love it. *Still Got It For Cheap by Clinton Sparks ft. Clipse**Legacy by J.Means, Isa and Charles Hamilton*
Tomorrow, I will post a poetry thing that I did for class. Naturally, I love poetry. Some of my favourite poets are John Donne, Robert Frost and Langston Hughes. I startes writing an essay about what I believe about poetry for class. I think I'll post that too. Maybe. *So Fresh, So Fly by B/A,J.Means,and Show Tufli* <--I love this song!!!!

Also, You MUST watch The Office. Its amazing. I love Creed and Jim and Dwight. Amazing show. anywho, I'll post later. My roomie is done tanning and we're leaving now.

So until next time.....*Night & Day by Show TuFli(Demevolist)*
One, Deuces, Tr3ys

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Songwriting, Haters and Jews

So V-Lo is back to writing. I wrote (thought of actually) an illy hook in the shower last night. Because I don't carry a paper and pen into the shower with me on a normal basis I forgot the original melody. (Although it would make more sense for me to forget the words...Nvm me..I'm special like that.) I then found a recording thingy on my laptop so I was like I can record some stuff so I don't forget little melodies or words or anything. BUT I then find out that it records very lowly and when I increase the recording volume it picks up every little background noise (White noise? LOLz). I'll need a mic.. or I'll just find time to get over to StarStruck Studios and record some tracks. Yes... I must have no excuse now. CITY GET AT ME!!! lolz

Hating. What is hating? (This is for you Gilley..) From my point of view disliking a person/artist/music genre/geographical location etc. is not hating. If there is a plausable reason for the dislike. I respect peoples opinion for the most part. If you back up your opinion then I'll respect it. If you just say 'I don't like ArtistA just because,' I will impose my opinion on you until you either give to in and accept my opinion or give me a plausable reason for your dislike. Dislike does not equal hate. Point blank.

So, today, we were talking about Jews in Bible today. Keith said that a Reform Judaic(?) Rabbi stated that he had atheists in his congregation. How can you be a religious Jew( believing id God and the old Testement and such) and be an atheist at the same time? That's like being a Christian and an atheist at the same time. How does thateven work? How do you feel about that? Do you think that is plausable in any way, shape or form?

Until Next Time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creepers, Millionares, Studios and FaceBook

Why are there creeprers in the world? I don't like creepers. If they must exist, they should not come in contact with the Amazing V-Lo. Joking about the amazing part though I do get such comments from my fans friends. But seriously, why must creepers speak to me? I was on the bus coming home from my Times Square voyage and a man was getting off the bus. He looked at me sitting in the back, turned around and satright back down. The whole ride, he sat and stared at me. CREEPER! I was sitting and trying to read my GQ in peace but couldn't cuz this man was staring me down. All I wanted to do was to learn how men should apply their cologne but I didn't because my mind felt this creeper man staring at me. Then, my stop came. Yes. Now I get to get away from this creeper of a human being. As I get up to get off the bus HE TRIES TO GRAB MY HAND!!! Had I not been listening to some Kirk Franklin throwbacks, I would have backhanded him. This man doesn't know me. Why in George Bush's name is he trying to touch me? I gave him a look and he had the nerve to say "Good night." That would have been the last thing he said if he had tried something funny. Like following me or some crazy thing like that. SMH.

I get off, thinking that i'm done with creeper encounters for the night. Not at all. As I walk my normal quick pace for nights in Bed-Stuy, some younger creeper runs up to me and says "Gimme yuh numbah!" The hell i look like giving you my number? The hell you running up to females in the middle of the night for asking for they numbers? Did you expect me to say "Ok..Its 1347-123-4567"? This dude has to be tripping. SMH @ creepers.

So lets backtrack a bout two hours. SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!!! OMg, it was so good. I almost cried. It was cute, touching, profound, amazing and all that other good stuff. You MUST see this movie.

This post was supoosed to be a bit longer but then I was reminded about daylight savings. UGH...I thought it was 2.19 when it was really 2:19... And I have to get up for church in the morning.

So until next time,
One, Deueces, Tr3ys.....

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Religion, Soulja Boy, New Music and Chris Brown

So, I was driving with my father and we were listening to a radio station where some guy (who's name eludes me at the moment) was talkng about false techings of top named preachers like Crefflo Dollar and Joyce Meyers and such people. He played some clips of teachings while he was answering a lady's question. After listening to this broadcast, I was left with questions. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not believe that Jesus is God? How the hell can you say that we are the exact splitting image of God? If we were there would be no sin because if we were the exact splitting image we would also have the same nature. How can you sleep at nigt knowing you give people false hope by adulturating, soliciting and prostituting miracles? I'm not one to constantly argue religion with anyone but I just didn't see how people could be presented with such information and accept it. From my point of view, Jesus is God, not some mere prophet or simple man, because he did things that no rophet or simple man did before him or after him. Supernatural things. He resurrected, he turned water into wine, he healed a child without even going near them. We are NOT little replicas of God as Crefflo says we are. How can we be if we sin? That would make God sinful also. That would also mean that we have supernatural power like that of God. But since God doesn't sin and we don't have supernatuaral powers, weare not replicas or duplicates of God. Point blank. Now lastly, on to Mr. Benny Hinn. I never really liked the guy from the beginning. Nowa man told the brodcast man, I'll call him BCMan, that his wife was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor that was beginning to impair her vision and made everyday activities paiful. He told BCMan that his wife wanted to go to Benny Hinn because she saw all the 'healing' that he was doing. When they got there, they were pushed into a different prayer line that had, not Benny, but some other man, praying for people. The man with the wife said that the prayer man said a praye that was the equivalent of saying 'Bless you' after a sneeze and sent the couple away. All while the big theatrics were gong on on stage with people jumpig out of wheelchairs and throwing away cane and such. There is no way that a man on Earth can perform more miracle than Jesus did. And the fact that Benny Hinn heals somany people on a regular basis gives people false hope. God has reasons for everything, even keeping people sick. He could use a sick peson to help other people. Not everyone that wants to be healed will be healed. Jesus didn't go round to every blind, deaf, dumb and lepered person in Jerusalem and heal them. Some people are in the state of sickness that they are in because of sin and there is no way that you can pray "God, please remove this deserved consequence of my sin." and expect God to say "Yes, Johnbob Smith, I will go against what I told people to write in the Bible." Life doesn't work that way. You reap what you sow. The wages of sin is death and so forth. Enough with this.

Ok..So I had another argument discussion about SB. This person thinks that SB is hip hop. He is not. He said it himself. I am not a hater because 1)I just don't like him, 2)He did not work hard for his money and 3) Quite frankly, I don't care how much money he has. His music, is not hip hop. Its blasphemy to call it hip hop. If frikkin Biggy or Pac were alive today, SB would not sell records. He would not have a record deal. He would not do music. I wonder why the people that are always on the other side of ths debate are always Southerners... Coinkydink? I think not.

A friend just sent me this link on FB. Now I'm not a violent peson but this amused the shxt outta me. Its fkkin hilarious. "Abuse the Pretty Boy RnB Crooner" LMAO..Got that from the NYT article...But seriously, this link is amazing....

This happened a week ago but I finished a book called The Good Guy by Dean Koontz. Great book. I was supposed to give it to Elmo, and there are like 3 other people waiting to read it. Its pretty good. The mercenary killer guy is legitly messed up in the head. Oh you just have to read it if you love a good thriller.

MALES THAT HIT FEMALES GO TO JAIL. Just thought I'd put it out there.

Tomorrow (later today actually) I'm suposed to be going to check out a studio with an old buddy from elementary school to jr high. He's a rapper. Does pretty decent music. If I could pull a link for him out of my ass I would but I can't remember any of them. Another friend from Jr. High is also an artist. But he is really up there and plans to do big things with his muscal talents. His name is D.Julien. The last mixtpe he put out on Feb. 18th was really good (trying to stop using the phrase pretty dope too much even though it was). The funny thing about the situation with me liking his music for the most part, is the fact that in jr. high, me and my boys used to tell him and his boys that he was whack and garbage and such. But look, now he's doing big thingsalready and I havent ven gotten to record one track yet. He's the only one going somewhere with his music. He's very focused.

After that, I'm supossed to be going to my favourite place ever....Times Square. I wanna go see a move but I'm not sure which one I should see. There's Slumdog, Coraline, Gran Torino (has high priority), Watchmen and Madea Goes to Jail. I'm leaning towards Gran Torino because the last time I went to go see it, it was sold out. I'm hearing that Coraline and Slumdog are pretty good also. I guess I'll decide when I get there.

It's pretty late/early...I'm still waiting for that email even though I feel the answer will be no...It will be OK with me if it is. But I still have to fnd a person regardless. First criteria: Must be 5'11 or taller. =P

Sad to say, this will be on of my last regular posts. I'm back to school on Sunday afternoon and that means irregular type posts or just Wednesday posts. I'll probaby do a big huge post tomorrow when I return from TS during the time when I should be packing for schol..lolz

Anyways, I'm tired so until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Thursday, March 5, 2009

YouTube Addiction

Just some videos...

I'm done for now but more may come later....Sorry..I'm hella bored.

V-Lo is a Genius

No, really, I am. Wanna know why? You remeber how I told you that I asked Charles Hamilton to prom? Well, I actually didn't ask him. More curiosity...Here's why. BECAUSE I SENT THE FKKIN EMAIL TO THE WRONG FKKING ADDRESS. So I've basicly been waiting for two days for an email that never got sent to the intended recipient. Good job V-Lo, way to go. SMH.

On a lighter note, I asked one of my friends who I went to jr. high with and who went ot high school with Charlie to put in a good word for me. I don't want to come across as some completely random groupie-creeper type person. So now all I can do is wait for an answer....I was just thinking about what it would be like hanging out with Charlie. (I'm mad I'm calling the dude 'Charlie' like we all coolio and shxt..lolz)Asking him questions... Just listening to what he has to say...Or spit, cuz he's nice....Just sitting next to him would be dope.

So I just wrote a paper on the Transatlantic Slave Trade in about 40 mins... For my bestie (Shhh! Don't tell!) He was just graced with my beautiful, B+ getting, BS. I swear, I'm the best bullshxtter ever when it comes to writing papers. SBS will teach you how to perfect that skill. I don't think I've read a whole book for school in my high school career (Minus Cantenbury Tales) and I've never gotten lower than a B on any of my papers for them. (Except for the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight(Giant) and the Hamlet paper that I did 30 mins before class.) He WILL get at least a b on this paper...Cuz I wrote it and my work is quality. I produce only the highest quality of bullshxt. LMAO

Ok..So I went shopping today. My aunt spoils me because she never has me spend money. She pays for everything. So we're in Manhattan, walking into every handbag shop we can and I, being so frikking picky, don't see anythin that I love. Just a few pieces here and there that spark my interest. We wal into a jewlery shop and she's like 'Get a ring.' Now there are all these nice silver rings and such but again, i'm so frikking picky that I done see anything I like. It's not htat the rings were ugly or anything. Its just that they were so blingy and I'm not the type of person that will were big stones and shxt to be noticed... I like attention, don't get me wrong. But this would be too much. So we go into a Gucci store. Nice bags. Cute and such. But I have this one style in my head so nothing looks good to me at the moment. So we leave. This goes on for hours. Then we go to 34th Street. We go into Strawberry('s?) and I see a bag that I LOVE... Now I'm not one for big name brand things, especially for bags but this House of Dereon bag caught my eye...It was gorgy. I loved it. And I especially wanted to get it since it was the only bag I'd seen all day that I loved. It was on sale for 60 something. I showed my aunt. "Oh. I saw that same bag on sale in Brooklyn for 40. We'll go there now." So we come to Brooklyn. And you know what? THE STORE DIDN'T HAVE MY DEREON BAG!!!! I was quite upset. "Go look in BlahBlahStore. They might have a bag you like." I go to BlahBlahStore and naturally they have nothing I want because they don't have my Dereon bag. I couldn't even go back to the store to get it because my parents called and told me they left the kids home so I had to hurry up to get there. Ugh....I want my Dereon bag.

At any length, I might never see that bag again...unless i order it online...I'll look for it...Just to ease my soul. I'm crazy... I need to stop.

Atthis moment kimberley, aka Snowbunny, I calling me a creeper. i wonderwhy she calls me that everytime I bring up Charlies name? Hmmm... The answer eludes me.

Well, its pretty late (or early depending on how you look at time) and I have some sleeping and eazy dreaming to do....

So until next time
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Night (Early This Moring Actually)

So I caught Charles Hamilton on Carson Day at 1:37 AM this morning. He performed Brooklyn Girls, did and interveiw with Carson (Who had no idea who he was prior to his producers telling him that Charlie was gonna be on) and then he performed Loser, which I now love. Charlie is a dope man, legitly. Anyways, people are calling Charlie and his contemporaries (if that is the appropiate word) Hip Hop 2.0. Really? I feel that he's just real hip hop. But thats just my POV.

Anyways, about the performances. I could tell that Charlie was excited. Carson said it was his first TV performance and I kinda believe him cuz I havent seen Charlie on any other show. Well, Charlie was performing with his band, DJ Skee (who I must say looked hella bored) and Show Tufli. It was pretty nicce. Chalrie was hype, Tufli was nice. I'm just waiting for the day that Charlie does a show in Brooklyn. THAT would be the dopes shxt ever. (It would also be dope if he said yes. I'm still waiting for an answer.)

So I'm off to Manhattan today with my favourite aunt to go shopping. Gotta get ready for track season and spring freshness. Speaking of track, my 4by1 relay team is about a half second away from breaking a school record. Our goal is to break it before te end of the season. I'm gonna get my best track experience now because if I end up going to Drexel, I won't have a legit sprinting program. LIVE IT UP!!!

Until Next time,

One, Deuces, Tr3ys...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

First Order Of Business and Such

Ok..I'm extremely excited about this mixtape....I waited almost a week I think for this second disc to the tape and now I have it. And when I tell you that this Demevolist tape is dope, it is pretty dope. Show Tufli, Charlie, Bagdad (Who I loved since 'Let Me Live'), Proven(Who I kinda fell in love with after hearing 'Talk About Me'), J.Means, Yung Nate, Fidel,.....These men are DOPE, all caps, bolded and everything..... now I may look like some type of creeper fiend, but that I am not. V-Lo just loves good music and good music is so hard to come by nowadays, especially with all these new artists around. I have respect for these real dope rappers. How can I not? They make me happy. Music makes me happy. When I DLed the second disc last night (actually 12 something this morning) I could not wait to listen to it. Night & Day is my favoutie track on this disc so far. Talk About Me is my favoutire track on the first disc.


Ok...So I found this crazy video on YouTube of Charles Hamilton freestyling on some West Coast radio station with DJ Skee...People asked if he could rap and homie just started freestyling off the dome! Damn, any other rappre woulda been like "Of course I can rap. Don't oyu listen to my music?" But Charlies frikking freestyled for like, hella minutes. I knew he was my new favourite rapper for a reason. World Debut of Charles Hamilton

Speaking of Charles Hamilton, I kinda did something.....different. I might have asked him to prom. Now I know that it looks like creeper status bahavior but its nothing like that. I said that I was going to as a joke and I got more than a few people telling me thatI should go through with it. so I did. I mean, whats the worst that can happen? Even if he says nt, I can still say that I asked him, right? And if he says yes, I will have the dopest prom experience ever. So there, nothing to lose and so much to gain in the event he accepts my proposal.

Ok, so I can tell this is gonna be a pretty long post (I think) cuz i hagve much to talk about. ( I would get on my Proven status and Talk About Me but that would make me seem a bit too self centered. =P)

Anyways, I don't dislike Soulja Boy Tell 'Em to the degree that I used to. No, i haven't started to like his music and I still don't think he should have a recording contract. The thing that has decreased my dispisement (is that a word?) of him is this video. He did a radio interview with DJ Skee and here it goes. I am now content with the fact that he knows he is not real hip hop. I will not waste any further energy on this small child.

Just a thought:--> Chris Brown will forever be known for hitting a female. Not even just hitting her. Beating the shxt out of her. No one will forget it and it will always be brought up. Big L Chris, big L.

Back to my favourite subject: Music. I feel that I am like an advertisment agaent for good music. I have introduced most of my friends to Charles Hamilton, Demevolist, Asher Roth, B.o.B, Kid Cudi, and such people. I've brought ome people back to liking older rappers like WuTang, Ice Cube, Eric B and Rakim..... I feel like I've done some good work. I've already given alot of my friends a few of my Charlie tapes and this new Demevolist tape. I love how I'm spreading the word of good music.

Thats all until later....

One, Deuces, Tr3ys