Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Lyrical Genious

OK. So I have no idea how I came to know about this artist. Maybe it was after
Woody blogged about his Michael Jackson commemorative album. Or maybe it was when I was watching the teaser for some Demevolist/M.G.M. related mixtape. How I came across this lyrical wonder doesn't really matter when you hear his music. Esso a.k.a Esso McFly is one of the hottest new upcoming artists popping. His style is quite dope and his music is doper. Esso is featured in the September issue of XXL's Show and Prove section. Whoever you are, you need to listen to Esso's music.

Here's the latest free mixtape he's put out, a tribute to MJ's Off The Wall. Click the album cover to download.

OTW Front Final
OTW Back Final

Esso has also filmed a video for 'Don't Stop'.

Esso Is a hot artist that anyone with proper lyrical hip hop appreciation will love and appreciate. Check out his music, his blog and him. You will not be let down.

Some Esso videos
The Anti Backpack
Freestyle on POW! Radio
Flight School

^^^His blog. Check it out!

Until Next time,
One, dueces, TR3YS!!!!