Wednesday, September 2, 2009

At Paley Library

So Olivia is at Temple University. What a wonderful place to be. So far I enjoy it here. I've been to two parties and a concert already (Keri Hilson and The Dream performed). I've been to all my classes, met all my teachers and finally got a roommate. My eyes are grey again for the time being, my suite mates are hella coolio and my laptop still isn't ready yet. I am wearing my blue dinosaur tee shirt from Charlotte Russe and my plaid Converses from Foot Locker. I went to go look for a job todaythen my mother said that I didn't need to because she was working some things out for me. Yesterday I spent almost $300 on books, and I still need two more. From now on, I will be getting my books off of because even new, unsued books are cheaper there.

Temple is coolio nontheless. The campus is beautiful and diverse and they offer so much: 130 majors to choose from plus concentrations and such, over 200 clubs and organizations, great teachers and the fast pacedness of city life. I like my teachers so far. My Anthropology teacher is hilarious. She's a sweet lady named Anastassia (Khloe, Russia!) who is very lively and vibrant. My English teacher is Mr. Williams and he's this shortish Black guy who is also hilarious. The class is called Representing Race. My Theatre teacher is Ms. Debra Block a.k.a. D-Block. She's coolio I guess and it just bothers me that we are going to see so many plays. I'm actually kinda worried about it. My Psych teacher seems normal. He got upset yesterday after some students laughed when he said this about texting and driving: "People die!" I looked through the textbook last night and realised that I did all of this stuff last year. Thank you Mrs. Church! So psych will just be a review. As will Physics. My Physucs teacher and class is Mr. Hickey Sr. all over again minus the fact that my current Physics teacher seems slightly messed up in the head, but only in the was that a person who has spend the bulk part of their life teaching Physics would be. He's an Indian man named Zameer who strongly dislikes being called 'sir' because to him it is usually followed by a '$130 traffic violation ticket.' What joy. But he seems to be a good teacher. He didn't give us the syllabus ahead of time becaue he wanted us to discuss the syllabus first. Basiclly, we made up what type of tests we will have (non-cumulative multiple choice) and how many we will have in the semester (4). Fun stuff. Plus his teaching is kinda like Hickey (like the fact that we need not memorise formulas as they will be written down for us during tests) except that he really doesn't use the textbook.

In other news, there is a football game tomorrow: Temple vs. Villanova. Oh yes. My first college football game. I can't wait for the one against Penn State because then I get to see Matt from Schuyler. Then George, who goes to Arcadi, is coming to stay with me on Friday. This should be fun as George is a hilarious person. Carolyn and Judith would love her.

I am hungry. But I will wait until after my class to get lunch. At 2 I have Dramatic Imagination which is my theatre class. I just realised that i failed to bring the text with my but alas, I am too lazy to go back for it even though I have enough time. I think I'll just continue reading this book (Pride and Prejudive and Zombies by Jane Austen and Seth Grahame-Smith) as I sit outside of my class waiting eagerly for the doors to open. <-- Nevermind the words after waiting.

One, Deuces, Tr3ys
~V-Lo Tha Illyest~