Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It Fell Out Of My Pen

So, as I was writing my English research paper last night, words to a song popped into my head. I promptly wrote them down and repeatedly sang over the melody as not to forget it. "I used to think about you all the time/ I used to think that you'd be only mine/ But then we left and went our seperate ways/ And I never thought I'd see you again today/ Now I realize I miss you..." I never really noticed untill now how much I'm inspired by certain events. I didn't even have to really think about the words. They just came to me, sorta just flowed out of my pen.

So now about the inspiration. Ty Brown. Ninth grade. Seven months. quite frankly, it was the best relationship I've ever been in. The guys after him could never measure up to his status. I have yet to find a guy so forgiving, unique, funny, smart, good looking (but not arrogant about it), and loveable. He came up behind me yesturday when I was looking for my old Living Envirionment (Bio) teacher and said "Someone got taler." I didn't even recognize him until I turned around. After that first inital look I couln't look at him anymore and I sorta walked away. But I was in total shock. He looked better than he did two and a half years ago. We ended up talking for a bit later on and he said I am now officially black in his book (He claimed that I used to act like a white girl. I have no clue why). He commented on my nails (I got lots of comments about them) and the tightness of my jeans (which weren't that tight) and asked me about school and what I planned on doing with my life and such truck. It was a wonderful conversation.

But one of the things that stood out to me while we were talking was this guy across the tables kicks. They were sexy. I asked him later on what they were and he told me that they were Supra Vaiders. I'd never seen Supra's in such colors or in that style for that matter-purple and gold.
I looked 'em up and they were $92. Not bad. Maybe I should write a song about kicks. I just might. =)