Sunday, November 23, 2008

Little By Little

So, my aunt bought me a pair of boots, heels and a long tweed jacket today..... I can feel my swaggerosity becoming greater. Outfits have been planned. My first one is going to be put on trial tomorrow when I got to visit Ford. Red and Black, my signature colour combo...(yes I spell colour with a 'u' because its sexy) Dark skinny jeans, Red and white shirt, black hoodie, black and white Vandals, red and black scarf and black jacket....Sexy...My nails are painted almost neon green, purple and blue. Talk about different...

Werd...I feel like those words are something everyone should follow... I mean, does it feel good to step out your house thinking you look fly but you see that everyone and their step-cousin is wearing what you have on? I don't think so. I used to see these girls on my block wearing these hoodies with hella colours on them and I'd just shake my head because they called themselves the Fashon Starter Sisters or some such BS. They didn't start anything. They wore what everybody else was wearing. I don't know about them or ya'll but I like dressing up and knowing that I'm not wearing what everybody has and I don't look like every other girl that thinks she can dress. I LOOK LIKE ME!!!
V-Lo def looks like V-Lo...No doubt about it...
Swaggerosity Rating: 6*10