Sunday, November 30, 2008

The Supreme Ones

So, as I was walking up and down Broadway and 42nd and such avenues last night, I walked into a Foot Locker. I saw some nice sneakers but I wasn't that insterested untill I saw these baby's. Nike Greco's.

Nike Womens Greco 316552-042Nike Womens Greco 316552-042

I'm not too crazy about the skull's but the color way is nice...

Product 55-51707-7-02

I'd rock these...^^

Nike Greco Supreme
These I'd rock with all black...^^
Overall, I feel that these are pretty dope kicks....All would be rocked with skinny jeans of course...Also, I haven't seen EVERYBODY with them so they might be worth me buying....
Swaggerosity Rating: 6*10