Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Insomnia Is A Female Dog

I cant sleep..This is not ok...I watch Beta House at like 2 and I've been Facebooking ever since. That picnik thing on FB is really fun. Its like a Photoshop kinda thing (I dont know why I'm saying that and I've never used Photoshop in my life) and its really the only application i really use on FB, besides the SocialmothSecrets and....thats about it really.

I've even dedicated an album to picniking...Its so time conssuming!!!!

So, I looked up my grades today and found something that I've never seen in my high school career. A 3.5 GPA. Quite frankly, I feel that the teachers have made some type of mistake. I DON'T DO WORK...most of the time....But still...I got a frikkin A in Psych and I'm missing more hw in that class than any other class.....And I got a B in Math 12....I don't do that mans work. I though I failed his final...Shxt...At least that means that I'm going to college. Oh yea!!!!

I miss my Polta..I can't wait till Monday night when I see my bestie...I miss Wyatt...He'll be so happy. I bought him 2 lighters from a souviner shop in Manhattan and a box of Blacks. For some reason, everytime I give this boy something out of the kindness of my heart he insists that he pay be back. I keep telling him that he's like my little brother and he doesnt have to but he insists...I love that boy tho. Oh..and I miss Andrew...He's so funny and sweet..And we bothhave something in common: we cant stand his sister...Oh how she annoys me and most of the people around her.

On a happier note, I go back on Monday so I'll see my beloveds!! YaY....

Ok...New Years plans....I wanted to chill with the bestie Jibreel. Hopefully I do cuz I havent seen him in a while. I wanna go see that Grand Torino movie..It looks good...

NEW YEARS RESOLUTIONS: Eat Right. Be Healthy. Start Training For Track. Be Nice (Ha!!! Funny). 3.5 GPA. Get Into Temple . Continue In The Renewed Swaggerless Swaggerosityal Ways Of Dec '08. LIsten To Alex.

Well, i need to give my undivided attention to my friend to whom I am sending IM's to so I shall duece it...GOOD MORNING!!!!