Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Highly Pissed at a 'Little Child'

Facebook Status Update: Brandi Shoobahallerkhan can't sleep because Soulja Boy said Nas killed Hip Hop.

WTF kinda muthableeping shxt is this? I know Im kinda late. (actually Im not, i just haven't bothered to look at the video until now). But who gave SB the audacity to go at hip hop trailblazers and tell them that THEY killed hip hop? THis nigga is out of place. HOW THE FKK CAN YOU SAY THAT NAS KILLED HIP HOP? NAS IS HIP HOP.....This niggy need to stop making music...Real talk....Some one should beat this niggy. Seriously.

This niggy spoke truth on him....damnit, I should make a fkkin video too.

I really cant believe this 18 year old CHILD has the nerve to go at nigga's thats old enough to be his father. Damn niggy, didn't your mother tell you to respect your elders? To respect the people that made it possible for you to even get a fkkin record deal posing as a rap artist? Damnit, if I was an upcoming artist and Ice-T or NaS said that I was garbage, I'd be frikkin honoured that they even listened to my music...And this stupid child is gonna go after them? You gotsta be outta your mind to pull shit like that. Mad for real.

I get so heated when I hear this muthableeping retarded sorry ass excuse for a paper chaser, "Im a smart dude but Im stupid'' ass niggy speak or hear his name brought up. Why is he considered an artist? Why is he considered hip hop? Damnit, I thought Cam'Ron and Tony Yayo and ppl like that were garbage. SB just put a deeper bag in the trashcan. I really cant believe this niggy. And can someone explain to me why he feels that it is pertinent to place Arab and that other niggy behind him in every video? It does not make him look hard...At all. If its sposed to intimidate, it does no such thing. I does succeed at making him look like an ignorant, rude, '2 niggies behind me make me look gangster' looking ass niggy tho. Damn internet gangster. Who the fkk cares how many hits you get on Youtube? NOBODY. YouTube money is nothing little niggy. You are nothing. You will never be in anyones GOAT list or in anyones favourite rapper list. Your name will live in abundance on "People I've wasted my money on", "Whackest Rappers", "Stupid Children", "Who should stop making records" and other such lists. You are garbage. Damnit, frikkin Teletubbies and their batty-bwoi selves can rap better than you. ( I feel that Im writing this like he's gonna read it. Damnit, I wish he would)

Stupid niggy, respect in rap is for real artists. No one will EVER resect your 'Crank that Everything in the world" ass self. NEVER. Your music will not be played 20 years from now unless someone was comparing real rap to dog shit mixed with monkey piss. THat is right. your 'music' is likened onto animal excretions. And there are millions of people that agree with me. SB should stop recording sounds. Fi tru. He is wasting electricity. Wanna go green? Tell this niggy to stop recording. Save gas, create less pollution, and spare hip hop by staying in your muthableeping house. Do us all a favour. Please. People will be willing to pay you top stay home and stop recording. Damn niggy...Damn...I have no more word...For now....SMMBH

Dueces...Funny YouTube vids in the early PM...

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The 90's Baby Speaks said...

"dog shit mixed with monkey piss"
Yup I think that sums it all up. LOL

This was funny too.