Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sorry Bout Tis But

Just a few anti-SB comments from various differnt sources.

Souljah boy does not deserve a record deal first of all. He needs to take off his tall tees and fake ass bling....He has singlehandedly ruined the lives of white teenage boys who think they can dance with his stupid "crank that" song... hes has given hope to "wiggers" that have to hope, god bless their soul and fuck you Souljah fag. Honestly what the fuck is supermanning a hoe. And what the fuck is this instructional video. That aint hiphop. -- A Facebook Group called 'Soulja Boy Has Ruined America"

Soulja Boy is a talentless, worthless piece of shit. His songs annoy the fuck out of me and everyone that has any standards for the kind of music they listen to. His new CD is a fucking insult to the music industry and deserves to be banned from all stores (including online music stores). Everytime I hear "Crank That," a part of me dies.Soulja Boy's new song "Yahhh" is the most annoying piece of shit song in the world. For anyone that hasn't heard it, trust me, you don't want to. It ruined my day yesterday when I heard it on the radio. --A Group Called 'Fuck Soulja Boy'

I mean come on, this guy is the worst. Crank That was one thing but Yahhh Bitch Yahhh kilt it dead for good. Fake ass shit. And these new crank that videos made the situation even worse. crank that spiderman, superman, homeless man, jump rope, lion king...they all SUCK! Biggie, Bone Thugs, 2pac??? why aren't there more great rappers like these? Rap has seriously gone downhill since like the 90's and now Soulja Boy has killed it forever. Fuck Soulja Boy --From a Group called 'Soulja Boy Officially Killed Rap'

This group is for the people who realize that Soulja Boy Tell 'em has no talent whatsoever. All his beats are made from a free beat making program called "Fruity Loops" and the sound quality of all his songs sound like a computer mic, which it is.Soulja Boy has released many creatively named songs, including:"Crank Dat", "Yah Bitch Yah", "Soulja Girl" (very original!), and not to forget, "She Thirsty" and "Doo doo head"!Soulja Boy is completely ruining the face of all rap and music all together. He does not even use real instruments when recording his songs. Look at him, he uses white out to put his write his name on his sunglasses, how can a guy like him become famous?WHY DO PEOPLE LISTEN TO THIS CRAP? -- From a group Called ' Soulja Boy Sucks'

Soulja Boy is the worst thing to ever happen to music Terrible lyricsStupid songsAll around crapHe is giving a bad name to hip hop and rap, its very sad that this fucking joke is on TV when there are so many better Hip hop and rap artist. If you don’t know who Soulja Boy is check out these links and you will see how sad this little man is.Stupid song number one- Crank that - song number 2 - Tell em"

mindless music that discards rap's traditional emphasis on message"-- "From Soulja Boy Is The Worst Thing To Ever Happen To Music'

I know some ya'll thinking here goes Eddie with another dumb ass group but this needs the current attention of the nation:It was already bad enough that simple-versed rappers like Young Jeezy were the most popular in the game at one point. It is a shame that even Jay-Z doesn't make hits as prolific as those on the Blueprint. Nas has already made the proclamation and now I believe it to be true. Hip Hop is Dead. I say this because SOULJA BOY has been nominated for a GRAMMY. Not a BET Ringtone of the Year. A FUCKING GRAMMY! I know Soulja boy is popular but what does that say about the quality of music across the nation? DAMN! --From 'Why Was SB Nominated For a Fkkin Grammy???'

Come on, I mean these are just the first coulpe of FB group pages. Non-hiphop listeners have a problem with SB.