Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey, it's been a while because I'm back in school now. Getting ready for finals and what not. But anyway, I came upon these pictures as I was looking through my Facebook.

After looking at these pics, I realize that my friends (at least some of them) are quite fashionable. The 90's retro look, the scarves and shiny jackets, sweaters and such. They really know how to put themselves together.

So, I feel (after reading my beloved GQ magazine) that I should be a male stylist. I mean, i could have put those outfits together. I can really dress a man. I do what GQ does in their fashion section: take a guys look (or the one they want to portray) and improve it with better choices or I can change a guys style totally. GQ should hire me...Oh yes...I can pull it off.

More next week...