Thursday, January 1, 2009

Brand New With The Same Old

So its offish 09. beautiful. I really don't know what all this 'change' hype is about beacause next week everyone will be back to their normal lives. I'll be back in school in LI, I'll have the same friends (minus one...=[ ), I'll be the same person for the most part. Personally, I believe that it shouldn't take a new year to encourage change. People should be willing to change on their own, even if it is in July.

Now, I came into 09 sad. Not because school is 5 days away or because I still have college shxt to do. But because I've lost a friend. My best friend. I blame myself to him but come on, if you knew a guy that was a complete gallis in every sense of the word (player, womanizer), you would not expect him to drop all of them on the same day just for you. My shock made me sa y that I didn't think he was serious about it and in turn pissed him off. I was told not to call him and he ignores my IM's. If this was any other friend I'd have said 'Fkk it' and moved on..but no, this is my bestie. The guy that for three years was the first to know about anything that went on in my life, good and bad.

So while you guys enjoy your first day of 09, I will be tryng to salvage a much needed, dear and important friendship (And possiblly get twisted and lifted)

Happy New Year!!! ( Or Hamilton Year as C.H. says) and stick to your resolutions.


Oh, BTW, I finished that book I was reading. VERY GOOD its called Directed Verdict by Randy Singer... Its a very good read.

Also... ---I knew I loved XXL for a reason...