Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Transportational Suicide

So, I went to visit Drexel in Philly on Monday with the bestie Polta. I enjoyed it. The only things I did not like was that it was not in a very busy part of Philly and the dorm rooms were so tiny. While we were in orientation, Polta pointed out that there were like 70 million black men there. Of course that is something only she would realize. I can't wait till I visit Temple though. From what I hear it is much better than Drexel.

Now this post is named what it is named because of an event that transpired while we were on our way back home. A man fell in front of the train we were on. Now this was not a mistake. For eye witness accounts, he finished off his cigarette and tipped himself over the edge of the platform. Crazy.... Then we went to Brooklyn, chilled with Elmo, got a bit tipsy (Corona is the best!!) and smoked a bit. We got back to school at like 1 AM cuz we missed the train (partially my fault). All in all, i had fun.

Now, my niggy Eazy told me about a new mixtape with Charles Hamilton, Wale, Asher Roth and all those people on it... I WANT IT!!!!!! So I need to look for it or find someone that has it. I swear it is going to be illy... Just like me!!!!

I am very proud of myself. I am currently working on two songs at the same time. Rap songs. When I finish, I will either got to MikeJ or Elmo for a beat. I will try me ernest best to get them recorded. People have been waiting for me to be on a track for years. I will come through.

So I have hella homework to do so I shall stop typing now.