Monday, January 5, 2009

Tears Of The Bittersweet Variety

Today was the most wonderfulest day. Besides not being allowed into my elementary school because I forgot my I.D., I had fun. I gotto Ford at frikkin 7th period. Mr. Sued has not changed. Assoon as he saw my visitor sticker he said "You cannot go to teacher's classrooms while they are teaching. And don't go into the lunchroom." Asshole. But of course, I went into the lunchroom where I was greated by the coolest English teacher in the world besides Mez, Mr. Shamoun. He asked me what I was doing there again (I went in November, remember?) and I explained to him that I had no life and that I was going back to school today. He laughed at me. Then, my secondary greeting came from one of the sexiest men I've ever met in my life. My ex, Ty. After we hugged I looked around the lunchroom to see who else I knew (all in vain cuz I'm blind as fkk) and then I asked him who had a free then. He took me overto the senior section..AND I SAW BEN!!!! "What the fkk are you doing here?" The natural Fordian response to visitors..lmao... We talked about the shxtload of people that got kicked out after I left. One dude got kicked out for tagging the school and then writing his tag on a test. Smartass. Another dude put Tylenol inthis femme's drink and woulde've gotten away with it but he was snitched on. Then the convo moved to the Jizzed In My Pants video, the Dick in a Box video, lesbians, some kid that loves to make a fool of himself and more lesbians. Apperantly half the people thatI told about me going to boarding school think that its all girls and that I'm going to or have started to become a lesbian (Although Ty has been calling me a lesbo since 9th grade).

I miss Ford. Not because of the teacher or even the school itself, but because of my friends. Joey and Ty and Ben and Maria and Tiffany and Darrel ( who doesn't remember anyone at all) and Christian and all those other people. I really miss them. If I could have found a way to bring them to Stony Brook ith me then I would have. Also, I realize that if I had never left Ford I would probably still be going out with Ty (who I miss so much...Damn he's a sexy beast...). But alas, que sera sera....What will be will be. Actually for this tense it would be qu'est, est....Seven years of French baby!!!!

Back to school tonight and I have a shxtload of songs to share with my buddies. WuTang, Charles Hamilton, Blu, Drake, Jadakiss, Big Daddy Kane, Ice Cube and more...I also got some intrumental cuz Elmo wants to do a song with me. Its called Agreement and I have hot find a proper beat so I can start writing to it.

Speaking of writing, I PROMISE to write way more this year. After next wweek or so, I will have way more time than ever before to write. I shall not disappoint.

Sadly, this will be my last daily post. I hate my schools fkking filtered internet. WTF harm can a blog do? I'm sure students are smart enough to make wise decissions. Assbitches. Even if someone did something bad b/c of a blog, thats they fault, not yours. Did I mention that I hate the schools internet filter? Shxt.

Anyways, just so you don't cry because of my upcoming irregularity, here are some videos that will give you a headache b/c you're trying hard not to laugh out loud like a fool...Enjoy =)

So..Dueces Jibreel!!!!