Friday, January 9, 2009

Real Chance of Being Degraded

Ok. So my fellow Jamaican Tifa just told me about some Real Chance of Love episode where BayBayBay got into an argument with MILF (I've only watch this show once in my life and only know the names because she told me.) Apparently BBB pulled out the Bible and called MILF the Devil. How the hell are you on a frikking show to compete against other whores (thats what they are, if not sketels) and have the privilage to call another woman, who you are no better than, the Devil? You can't cuss people out with the Bible. What the hell is wrong with people? 

Also, what pisses me of is that girls (Yes girls. Women have respect for themselves) would fight other girls, pull down other girls and degrade themselves just for a guy and then complain the they are being objectified. Bitch, if you didn't make yourself and object then you would not be objectified. Don't even go and blame rap music cuz them N.I.'s take what they get. If a bitch throw herself at him he gon take her. If a trick shows a nigga that she is easy and nasty and will do anything then he (If he is immature and cannot control himself as with alot of men) will use that to his advantage. If you show a guy what he wants easily then you get no respect. Dudes have no respect for femmes that throw themselves around. They may be happy to fkk you or enjoy the oral pleasure that you might render gracefully and with 'talent' but as far as respect and being wifey material, its a no-no. 

Speaking of parents, why the hell did Real and Chance take those femmes to meet their parents? If I was a dude I'd be embarrassed to introduce femmes like that to my parents. I would be embarrassed if my parents even knew that I associated with such people. Thats horrible. And plus, the show is just a competition for who is going to be Real and Chance's main fkk friend. Do they really think that these dudes would fall in love with them? If they do then the got something  coming. Relationships that are achieved be competition don't last. They have no substance. Look at Hoops and Flavor Flav. They wasn't even together long enough to call it a relationship. Femmes need to wise up for real. They give us a bad name.

Speaking about names, why the fuck would you accept someone calling you a MILF? That is blatantly degrading. Mother I'd Love to Fkk? Why would you stand for being someone's object (there's the word again) of lust. You can't even call it desire because desire has a sensual ring to it. The man wants to fkk you. Not make love to you or even have semi-meaningful sex. He wants to just fkk you. He doesn't want you for friendship (Being fkk buddies is not a friendship) and he doesn't want you for intelligent conversation. He wants to satisfy his hormones, release some sperm and move on with is day. Point blank. There is no love in that. Real Chance at love my ass. Lets try real chance of getting degraded or Real chance of being a whore-bitch or real chance at getting fkked and then dropped like  a ball sac. Damnit, and apparently this trick has a son. That is no example to set for him. He's gonna grow up not having proper respect for women. I mean really, there is not point to this show besides watching femmes make a mess of themselves and degrade themselves. If anyone swiped a card in between their butt cheeks they should not complain. You put yourself out that way so that is the way you are going to be treated. Real talk.

On a less frustrating note, I'm cooking for the International Festival at my school. Me and four other fellow Jamaicans are putting up a table with different foods from out island. I'm also gonna put some Trini stuff on it too. Gotta represent. Lolz

ALSO, please, do yourself a favor and listen to DMX. Don't listen to the party stuff cuz most likely that the only thing you've ever listened to from him. But listen to all his albums. To the songs that did not come out as singles. DMX is real. He does not talk bullshxt. He is not one of those gangster rappers that would just rap "Im gangster so Imma kill you cuz thats how I grew up. All I do is murder murder and kill kill" and whatnot. He says some real shit. My Ukrainian made me listen to I Wish featuring Seal and told me to really listen to the words. That shxt is hard. Real talk. Don't sleep on DMX. I know he is an angry man but that's what makes his music so raw. He is up there with the greats when it comes to meaning and not just flow and general appeal. AMF...DMX caters to the general appeal: he generally appeals to me..LMAO..But for real though, listen to DMX.

Drake. Can.Sing....Very.Well. Now I did not know that until the other day. When I heard thatthis kid from frikkin Degrassi had decided to become a rapper I was kinda skeptical. Then I heard Share and Brand New (My brand new favourite song) and fell in love with him. Besides his lyricism, I love that he doesn't claim to be what he is not like half the rappers these days. He's from Canada and was an actor. He's not a thug and didn't get shot at (in real life) and he didn't grow up eating bread and bolonga (I don't even know how to spell that). He's real. The number one quality I look for in an artist. Plus, he's decent looking. Drake has my vote for new artist of the year...along with Charles Hamilton, Asher Roth and B.o.B. Oh..Speaking of B.oB, go look up "I'll Be In The Sky" and "Haterz Everywhere We Go". Theses are some good joints. If you love Outkast (How can you not?) then you will love B.o.B.

Lastly, I think, I wrote a rhyme today...I'm quite proud of myself. Not because it was great or anything but because I actually wrote something. If I just keep writing in little spurts when I have time, such as in U.S. or Math 12, then I can get somewhere with my music and make people proud (ie, Elmo, City, Eazy and etc.)

Anyways, I got hella HW to read and whatnot so Imma deuce it......So../


*Elmo, Pick Up Your Phone..I Know your Up*LMAO