Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I Am Not A Black American

I love how every year when Martin Luther King Day or Black History month comes around I am never asked to be a part of the few Black students that are called together to honour "Black heroes" in song or spoken word. But, after realizing this this past Monday, I thought to myself, "Would I even agree to singing 'Life Every Voice' with seven other Black children?" Nope. If I were asked to do anything for anything pertaining to Black history I would probably decline the offer.
Things like that are separating and quite frankly that is what 'our Black heroes' fought and gave their lives for. In my opinion we should move on. I'm not saying that we should forget people like MLK who have paved the way for equality. But I feel that MLK and the likes of him fought and laid down their lives in order for us to be unified as Americans. Not White Americans or Black and Hispanic Americans but just Americans. I may be wrong but I feel that constantly bringing up Blackness and whatnot undermines those sacrifices. It takes away from the American unity. The words of that great American song goes 'I'm proud to be an American.' Not a Black or White American but American. Let us exercise and take advantage of the freedoms and unity that the Civil Rights trailblazers have fought for and just be AMERICAN.

On another topic, tomorrow is the March For Life in D.C. and I just found out that I cannot attend this wonderful event. I am quite upset. people should not kill unborn human beings just because they made a bad choice or they changed their mind about having a child. What gives anyone the right to take the life of a person? Especially a person that has no say in the matter. Foolish humans. SMH. Stop killing babies. Its selfish quite frankly.

That is all.