Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Twins, Batman, New Faces and Quail Man

Oh how sweet and beautiful and similar. What a wonderful week it has been and will continue to be. SBS Spirit Week. I swear, this is the week that is the most looked forward to, besides that last week of school of course.*Life by D.Julien* The non-dress code days, class dinners and challenges (Seniors will win) and Faculty Follies. Yesterday, Twin Day, all the seniors dressed alike: all black with white shirts. We were beautifully alike in our class spirit (which we haven't had since 9th grade). There were only a few retards misfits that decided to be odd and didn't cooperate with our plan of unification. *Can I Get A Fkk You by Jay-Z and Snow*
Today was SuperHero/Villain Day. I was very excited to put my Six Flags Batman cape into action and become the Female Batman-- not Batgirl or Batwoman. They aren't as cool as the female Batman. Ya digg? Lolz *Nolia Clap Remix by Juve and others* Anyways, my outfit was pretty dope. All black. Black spandex (that I miraculously got away with),a black top with a black zippered hoodie, black boots (I swear, I bought these boots in like November or October and then see another girl wear them. She looked like a prostitute so I never wore them again.) and of course, my Batman cape.*Slow Motion by Juvenile* My mask was amazing. It took me ten minutes to put it on. Get this: my mask was made out of eyeliner. Legitly. I drew it on and coloured it in. 'Twas quite amazing. Hella special.
Tomorrow is Nerd Day and needless to say, I'm going all out. My glasses are amazing. (I feel like I've said this before.) Anyways, the next day is 80's day in which I will be amazing. Duh. Lolz.
Ok. Going out of order. Quail Man. You remember him from Doug?Quail Man So my Track Coach/ U.S. History teacher was Quail Man today. It was pretty amazing. Throwback to when I was like 11. 'Twas great.
Mixtapes are amazing. Datpiff.com is amazing.
Been listening to Darren Isaiah and others. New Faces of Rap Vol 1 is dope and The Anti-Social mixtape and the 10 others I downloaded yesterday.

Gotta go.
Until Next Time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....


CHris rivera said...

the Female Batman>>>
. Black spandex (that I miraculously got away with) PICS jk lol