Sunday, March 22, 2009

Track, Vent, Soups On and Such

Ugh. Do you want know what that is for? That is the sound I make when I think about the track meet on Thursday. Don't get me wrong, I love track meets. But my wonderful coach/U.S. history teacher put my hero (Bri) in the 100 and 200m. If she runs those races, I will not get a varsity letter. She's amazingly fast but she does middle distance: 400-800. She even complained about being put in the short sprints. *Life by D. Julien ft. RnB* I can't run in a race with her. I mean my times aren't school record breaking but I'm pretty decent. With other racers I'd be motivated to run my fastest. But if I run against my hero I'm gonna walk the damn track. Seriously though, she's too fast for me to run against. I don't know her exact hundred time but judging from how far ahead of me she always is I'd say its around 12.8-13.4 seconds.*Brand New by Drake* My time is around 14.6 or something like that. I am no where as fast as she. Not at all. But I AM excited about our four by one relay team. We are point something seconds away from breaking a school record. Our goal this year is to break it. I feel that we can. Plus I run faster in four by one than the hundred. weird. I guess its because I love the relay more.*A Millie Remix by Asher Roth* If I didn't also like the 200 I would only do the relay. But alas.
So, I'm back to the state I was in only a week ago. SMH. I hate this. Two guys already? Wow.
So I'm sitting here at Soups On, a soup place down the block from my school. I LOVE their soups. They're so good. So I decided on my way over here that I will make it a habit to come here every Sunday after lunch to drink/eat soup and surf the net. *Noila Clap Re-Remix by Bun B, Juve, Skip,Slim Thug and Wacko* Plus their customer service is great. The guy is kind and such. Its a wonderful place to chill.
I just remembered that I need to find a mixtape called the Napalm 2 by DJ Rondevu. I'll go search for it now.

Well, I'm gonna tr3ys it. So, until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....


CHris rivera said...

no charlie

u run???

and soup is goat