Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Last Night (Early This Moring Actually)

So I caught Charles Hamilton on Carson Day at 1:37 AM this morning. He performed Brooklyn Girls, did and interveiw with Carson (Who had no idea who he was prior to his producers telling him that Charlie was gonna be on) and then he performed Loser, which I now love. Charlie is a dope man, legitly. Anyways, people are calling Charlie and his contemporaries (if that is the appropiate word) Hip Hop 2.0. Really? I feel that he's just real hip hop. But thats just my POV.

Anyways, about the performances. I could tell that Charlie was excited. Carson said it was his first TV performance and I kinda believe him cuz I havent seen Charlie on any other show. Well, Charlie was performing with his band, DJ Skee (who I must say looked hella bored) and Show Tufli. It was pretty nicce. Chalrie was hype, Tufli was nice. I'm just waiting for the day that Charlie does a show in Brooklyn. THAT would be the dopes shxt ever. (It would also be dope if he said yes. I'm still waiting for an answer.)

So I'm off to Manhattan today with my favourite aunt to go shopping. Gotta get ready for track season and spring freshness. Speaking of track, my 4by1 relay team is about a half second away from breaking a school record. Our goal is to break it before te end of the season. I'm gonna get my best track experience now because if I end up going to Drexel, I won't have a legit sprinting program. LIVE IT UP!!!

Until Next time,

One, Deuces, Tr3ys...


the ihlest said...

Charles regularly performs in Brooklyn...