Saturday, March 21, 2009

Tanning, The 80's, Currently Listening To... and Such

I know I haven't updated in a bit. Sorry about that (Chris). I've been very busy lately. Currently, I am sitting in a tanning salon. No, I am not getting a tan. My roomie is. She came back from Long beach a couple weeks ago with a tan and figured she'd keep it up. I kinda feel odd sitting here but ,alas, who cares? I'm getting free wireless and catching up on stuff.*Currently Listening to: A Yo by Method Man ft. Redman*
So next week at school we have Spirit Week. The days go as follows: Twin Day(as per tradition, the whole senior class dresses alike),Super Hero/Villain Day, Nerd Day, Decade Day(we seniors have the 80's), and Class Colour Day(Blue). (BTW, my leg is asleep. Just saying.) I plan to go all out for Decade day and my glasses for Nerd Day are amazing. The are nerdly sexy. The thing is, I think I'd wear them out. I think.
For Super Hero/ Villain day I'm going to wear my Batman cape from Six Flags. SEXY!!!* Currently Listening To: I Love College by Asher Roth* For Class Colour day I'm going to wear jeans and my Dr. Seuss t shirt. I'll have pictures after. I think.
Ok, so I feel that my taste in music is amazing. I think I've said that already. dig Daddy Kane, Charlie, Cudi, Jiggaman, Esco. My taste in music is dope. I feel that I can be defined as a true raphead. I mean, I like good music, not BS. I can't stand BS music. I was planning a school party withe the Activities Committee and John said that he had Chicken Noodle Soup and Crank That and such songs. I told him that when they played i would walk out. I've done it before. I just can't stand it. I rather listen to music that has some type of meaning to it. Some type of amazing lyricism. I'm a no- nonsense raphead. I love it. *Still Got It For Cheap by Clinton Sparks ft. Clipse**Legacy by J.Means, Isa and Charles Hamilton*
Tomorrow, I will post a poetry thing that I did for class. Naturally, I love poetry. Some of my favourite poets are John Donne, Robert Frost and Langston Hughes. I startes writing an essay about what I believe about poetry for class. I think I'll post that too. Maybe. *So Fresh, So Fly by B/A,J.Means,and Show Tufli* <--I love this song!!!!

Also, You MUST watch The Office. Its amazing. I love Creed and Jim and Dwight. Amazing show. anywho, I'll post later. My roomie is done tanning and we're leaving now.

So until next time.....*Night & Day by Show TuFli(Demevolist)*
One, Deuces, Tr3ys