Thursday, March 5, 2009

V-Lo is a Genius

No, really, I am. Wanna know why? You remeber how I told you that I asked Charles Hamilton to prom? Well, I actually didn't ask him. More curiosity...Here's why. BECAUSE I SENT THE FKKIN EMAIL TO THE WRONG FKKING ADDRESS. So I've basicly been waiting for two days for an email that never got sent to the intended recipient. Good job V-Lo, way to go. SMH.

On a lighter note, I asked one of my friends who I went to jr. high with and who went ot high school with Charlie to put in a good word for me. I don't want to come across as some completely random groupie-creeper type person. So now all I can do is wait for an answer....I was just thinking about what it would be like hanging out with Charlie. (I'm mad I'm calling the dude 'Charlie' like we all coolio and shxt..lolz)Asking him questions... Just listening to what he has to say...Or spit, cuz he's nice....Just sitting next to him would be dope.

So I just wrote a paper on the Transatlantic Slave Trade in about 40 mins... For my bestie (Shhh! Don't tell!) He was just graced with my beautiful, B+ getting, BS. I swear, I'm the best bullshxtter ever when it comes to writing papers. SBS will teach you how to perfect that skill. I don't think I've read a whole book for school in my high school career (Minus Cantenbury Tales) and I've never gotten lower than a B on any of my papers for them. (Except for the Sir Gawain and the Green Knight(Giant) and the Hamlet paper that I did 30 mins before class.) He WILL get at least a b on this paper...Cuz I wrote it and my work is quality. I produce only the highest quality of bullshxt. LMAO

Ok..So I went shopping today. My aunt spoils me because she never has me spend money. She pays for everything. So we're in Manhattan, walking into every handbag shop we can and I, being so frikking picky, don't see anythin that I love. Just a few pieces here and there that spark my interest. We wal into a jewlery shop and she's like 'Get a ring.' Now there are all these nice silver rings and such but again, i'm so frikking picky that I done see anything I like. It's not htat the rings were ugly or anything. Its just that they were so blingy and I'm not the type of person that will were big stones and shxt to be noticed... I like attention, don't get me wrong. But this would be too much. So we go into a Gucci store. Nice bags. Cute and such. But I have this one style in my head so nothing looks good to me at the moment. So we leave. This goes on for hours. Then we go to 34th Street. We go into Strawberry('s?) and I see a bag that I LOVE... Now I'm not one for big name brand things, especially for bags but this House of Dereon bag caught my eye...It was gorgy. I loved it. And I especially wanted to get it since it was the only bag I'd seen all day that I loved. It was on sale for 60 something. I showed my aunt. "Oh. I saw that same bag on sale in Brooklyn for 40. We'll go there now." So we come to Brooklyn. And you know what? THE STORE DIDN'T HAVE MY DEREON BAG!!!! I was quite upset. "Go look in BlahBlahStore. They might have a bag you like." I go to BlahBlahStore and naturally they have nothing I want because they don't have my Dereon bag. I couldn't even go back to the store to get it because my parents called and told me they left the kids home so I had to hurry up to get there. Ugh....I want my Dereon bag.

At any length, I might never see that bag again...unless i order it online...I'll look for it...Just to ease my soul. I'm crazy... I need to stop.

Atthis moment kimberley, aka Snowbunny, I calling me a creeper. i wonderwhy she calls me that everytime I bring up Charlies name? Hmmm... The answer eludes me.

Well, its pretty late (or early depending on how you look at time) and I have some sleeping and eazy dreaming to do....

So until next time
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....