Saturday, March 7, 2009

Religion, Soulja Boy, New Music and Chris Brown

So, I was driving with my father and we were listening to a radio station where some guy (who's name eludes me at the moment) was talkng about false techings of top named preachers like Crefflo Dollar and Joyce Meyers and such people. He played some clips of teachings while he was answering a lady's question. After listening to this broadcast, I was left with questions. How can you call yourself a Christian if you do not believe that Jesus is God? How the hell can you say that we are the exact splitting image of God? If we were there would be no sin because if we were the exact splitting image we would also have the same nature. How can you sleep at nigt knowing you give people false hope by adulturating, soliciting and prostituting miracles? I'm not one to constantly argue religion with anyone but I just didn't see how people could be presented with such information and accept it. From my point of view, Jesus is God, not some mere prophet or simple man, because he did things that no rophet or simple man did before him or after him. Supernatural things. He resurrected, he turned water into wine, he healed a child without even going near them. We are NOT little replicas of God as Crefflo says we are. How can we be if we sin? That would make God sinful also. That would also mean that we have supernatural power like that of God. But since God doesn't sin and we don't have supernatuaral powers, weare not replicas or duplicates of God. Point blank. Now lastly, on to Mr. Benny Hinn. I never really liked the guy from the beginning. Nowa man told the brodcast man, I'll call him BCMan, that his wife was suffering from an inoperable brain tumor that was beginning to impair her vision and made everyday activities paiful. He told BCMan that his wife wanted to go to Benny Hinn because she saw all the 'healing' that he was doing. When they got there, they were pushed into a different prayer line that had, not Benny, but some other man, praying for people. The man with the wife said that the prayer man said a praye that was the equivalent of saying 'Bless you' after a sneeze and sent the couple away. All while the big theatrics were gong on on stage with people jumpig out of wheelchairs and throwing away cane and such. There is no way that a man on Earth can perform more miracle than Jesus did. And the fact that Benny Hinn heals somany people on a regular basis gives people false hope. God has reasons for everything, even keeping people sick. He could use a sick peson to help other people. Not everyone that wants to be healed will be healed. Jesus didn't go round to every blind, deaf, dumb and lepered person in Jerusalem and heal them. Some people are in the state of sickness that they are in because of sin and there is no way that you can pray "God, please remove this deserved consequence of my sin." and expect God to say "Yes, Johnbob Smith, I will go against what I told people to write in the Bible." Life doesn't work that way. You reap what you sow. The wages of sin is death and so forth. Enough with this.

Ok..So I had another argument discussion about SB. This person thinks that SB is hip hop. He is not. He said it himself. I am not a hater because 1)I just don't like him, 2)He did not work hard for his money and 3) Quite frankly, I don't care how much money he has. His music, is not hip hop. Its blasphemy to call it hip hop. If frikkin Biggy or Pac were alive today, SB would not sell records. He would not have a record deal. He would not do music. I wonder why the people that are always on the other side of ths debate are always Southerners... Coinkydink? I think not.

A friend just sent me this link on FB. Now I'm not a violent peson but this amused the shxt outta me. Its fkkin hilarious. "Abuse the Pretty Boy RnB Crooner" LMAO..Got that from the NYT article...But seriously, this link is amazing....

This happened a week ago but I finished a book called The Good Guy by Dean Koontz. Great book. I was supposed to give it to Elmo, and there are like 3 other people waiting to read it. Its pretty good. The mercenary killer guy is legitly messed up in the head. Oh you just have to read it if you love a good thriller.

MALES THAT HIT FEMALES GO TO JAIL. Just thought I'd put it out there.

Tomorrow (later today actually) I'm suposed to be going to check out a studio with an old buddy from elementary school to jr high. He's a rapper. Does pretty decent music. If I could pull a link for him out of my ass I would but I can't remember any of them. Another friend from Jr. High is also an artist. But he is really up there and plans to do big things with his muscal talents. His name is D.Julien. The last mixtpe he put out on Feb. 18th was really good (trying to stop using the phrase pretty dope too much even though it was). The funny thing about the situation with me liking his music for the most part, is the fact that in jr. high, me and my boys used to tell him and his boys that he was whack and garbage and such. But look, now he's doing big thingsalready and I havent ven gotten to record one track yet. He's the only one going somewhere with his music. He's very focused.

After that, I'm supossed to be going to my favourite place ever....Times Square. I wanna go see a move but I'm not sure which one I should see. There's Slumdog, Coraline, Gran Torino (has high priority), Watchmen and Madea Goes to Jail. I'm leaning towards Gran Torino because the last time I went to go see it, it was sold out. I'm hearing that Coraline and Slumdog are pretty good also. I guess I'll decide when I get there.

It's pretty late/early...I'm still waiting for that email even though I feel the answer will be no...It will be OK with me if it is. But I still have to fnd a person regardless. First criteria: Must be 5'11 or taller. =P

Sad to say, this will be on of my last regular posts. I'm back to school on Sunday afternoon and that means irregular type posts or just Wednesday posts. I'll probaby do a big huge post tomorrow when I return from TS during the time when I should be packing for schol..lolz

Anyways, I'm tired so until next time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....


Shelby said...

so0o all imma sai is thaat in not chris' fault that he has a crazzi gf and id kick somones ass if they gave me herpes
thats all...

sn0wbuNNy said...

i think that prayer shit they show on BET & stuff, like where they make the people fall over & shit; i laugh soooo hard at that crap! cause its so fake!

stop hatin on soulja boy, livy! lmao

& that chris brown shit is hilarious! even tho i kinda feel bad for him, but its still funny!