Sunday, March 8, 2009

Creepers, Millionares, Studios and FaceBook

Why are there creeprers in the world? I don't like creepers. If they must exist, they should not come in contact with the Amazing V-Lo. Joking about the amazing part though I do get such comments from my fans friends. But seriously, why must creepers speak to me? I was on the bus coming home from my Times Square voyage and a man was getting off the bus. He looked at me sitting in the back, turned around and satright back down. The whole ride, he sat and stared at me. CREEPER! I was sitting and trying to read my GQ in peace but couldn't cuz this man was staring me down. All I wanted to do was to learn how men should apply their cologne but I didn't because my mind felt this creeper man staring at me. Then, my stop came. Yes. Now I get to get away from this creeper of a human being. As I get up to get off the bus HE TRIES TO GRAB MY HAND!!! Had I not been listening to some Kirk Franklin throwbacks, I would have backhanded him. This man doesn't know me. Why in George Bush's name is he trying to touch me? I gave him a look and he had the nerve to say "Good night." That would have been the last thing he said if he had tried something funny. Like following me or some crazy thing like that. SMH.

I get off, thinking that i'm done with creeper encounters for the night. Not at all. As I walk my normal quick pace for nights in Bed-Stuy, some younger creeper runs up to me and says "Gimme yuh numbah!" The hell i look like giving you my number? The hell you running up to females in the middle of the night for asking for they numbers? Did you expect me to say "Ok..Its 1347-123-4567"? This dude has to be tripping. SMH @ creepers.

So lets backtrack a bout two hours. SLUMDOG MILLIONARE!!! OMg, it was so good. I almost cried. It was cute, touching, profound, amazing and all that other good stuff. You MUST see this movie.

This post was supoosed to be a bit longer but then I was reminded about daylight savings. UGH...I thought it was 2.19 when it was really 2:19... And I have to get up for church in the morning.

So until next time,
One, Deueces, Tr3ys.....