Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Songwriting, Haters and Jews

So V-Lo is back to writing. I wrote (thought of actually) an illy hook in the shower last night. Because I don't carry a paper and pen into the shower with me on a normal basis I forgot the original melody. (Although it would make more sense for me to forget the words...Nvm me..I'm special like that.) I then found a recording thingy on my laptop so I was like I can record some stuff so I don't forget little melodies or words or anything. BUT I then find out that it records very lowly and when I increase the recording volume it picks up every little background noise (White noise? LOLz). I'll need a mic.. or I'll just find time to get over to StarStruck Studios and record some tracks. Yes... I must have no excuse now. CITY GET AT ME!!! lolz

Hating. What is hating? (This is for you Gilley..) From my point of view disliking a person/artist/music genre/geographical location etc. is not hating. If there is a plausable reason for the dislike. I respect peoples opinion for the most part. If you back up your opinion then I'll respect it. If you just say 'I don't like ArtistA just because,' I will impose my opinion on you until you either give to in and accept my opinion or give me a plausable reason for your dislike. Dislike does not equal hate. Point blank.

So, today, we were talking about Jews in Bible today. Keith said that a Reform Judaic(?) Rabbi stated that he had atheists in his congregation. How can you be a religious Jew( believing id God and the old Testement and such) and be an atheist at the same time? That's like being a Christian and an atheist at the same time. How does thateven work? How do you feel about that? Do you think that is plausable in any way, shape or form?

Until Next Time,
One, Deuces, Tr3ys.....